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Photos by Billy Templeton

The two essential tools of geocaching, a smartphone and a GPS locator, can lead to a cache of hidden treasures.

Geocaching: the hunt for cache

Two hundred yards up the hill from my home in Bethany, PA, hidden in the heart of the borough park, is a small canister that few people have found or even noticed during the six years of its existence.

Contributed photo

This is the aerial view of the 2013 Zembrzycki Corn Maze.

Fall fun down on the farm

As the cooler temperatures start to hit and the leaves start to change, we all know that fall is in the air. For some of us, this time of year may signify hay rides, pumpkins and hot apple cider. For some, it may mean it is time to find the closest corn maze for an annual corn maze adventure.

Photos by Jane E. Castelli 

Barbara’s Books and Antiques specializes in “paper” antiques, including old books, postcards, prints and magazines.

Hidden treasures in the mountains

Say the words “The Poconos” or “The Catskills” and your listeners will probably conjure up wonderful images of lush forests, sparkling lakes, exhilarating speedboat rides, fly fishing in mountain streams, challenging golf games or tubing and kayaking on the Delaware.

Someone who had hiked Jensen’s before us (possibly many years ago) created this artful rock sculpture.

View from the Top

On a perfect clear day in the very beginning of fall (the trees teasing with hints of reds, yellows and oranges), I gathered a group of friends to do something that  we locals have probably done once before, if not multiple times—hike Jensen’s Ledges.

Photos by Steven Schwartz

Joe Fox in the historic Dette Trout Flies shop in Roscoe, NY.

Preserving and reinventing tradition

Long considered the birthplace of fly fishing in America, the Catskills offer dynamic opportunities to discover, rediscover and renew one’s interest in the sport. A unique combination of natural resources, proximity to urban areas and history leads to a bounty of hidden treasures, often in plain sight.

TRR photos by Jonathan Fox

The biker’s way

To readers of a certain generation—we who were born under the Truman or Eisenhower administrations—mere utterance of the word motorcycle could invoke no other image but that of a young Marlon Brando: shades, comb, black leather jacket (“The Wild One,” 1953). Teen boys gazed admiringly. Young girls giggled nervously.

Photo courtesy PPL

Scheduled releases of water from the dam at Lake Wallenpaupack cascade through these huge pipes to turn turbines in PPL’s hydroelectric plant at Kimbles, PA. The water then rushes into the Lackawaxen River with various consequences for recreational users of the river downstream from the power plant.

Managing the Lackawaxen River

As my kayak hits the Lackawaxen and Delaware Rivers each spring, I am reminded of nature’s beauty and why I love living in this region of northeast Pennsylvania. Each time my boat passes a bald eagle nest or a screeching great blue heron, I appreciate the opportunity to recreate in such peaceful waters.

Photo by JohnMichael Tussel

The author fishes in the Lackawaxen River every opportunity he gets. 

Loving the Lackwaxen

Voted River of the Year in 2010 by the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, the Lackawaxen River is known far and wide as a spectacular freestone mountain fishery. The Lackawaxen was made famous by the well-known western novelist Zane Grey.

Map courtesy James R. Irwin via Wikimedia Commons

On the path of history

Whether you’re looking for scenic beauty, or perhaps you want to learn more about how our region was developed in times gone by, why not take a weekend and follow the trail of the old Delaware and Hudson (D&H) Canal?

TRR photos by Scott Rando

Mullet Falls is one of several falls within the Neversink Unique area. These falls are slightly over two miles round trip from the Katrina Falls Rd. parking area.

A jewel of the Catskills:

The Neversink Unique Area, otherwise known as the Neversink Gorge, is a 5,466-acre tract of land encompassing the Neversink River Gorge and surrounding upland forest in the towns of Thompson and Forestburgh in Sullivan County, NY.



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