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Photo by Jill Alecci

Poison Love Band, left to right, Sammy Alexander, Joanne Wasserman-Brinkerhoff, Dan Brinkerhoff, Thomas Deerhart.

Bands about town

Did you know that our diverse river valley contains pockets of unique bands that are continually introducing new and original music to audiences all about our towns? Some of these independent artists are even taking their show on the road, and most have at least one CD under the belt.

Photos by Peter J. Kolesar

Lordville is a tiny hamlet that you pass through on your way to Bouchoux trailhead. Slow down and take a look around; it’s a wonderfully picturesque piece of American Gothic. 

Jensen’s Ledges

When it comes to hiking, autumn is probably an even better time than summer. Not only are the temperatures generally more comfortable, but with the leaves already starting to fall, spectacular vistas open up that are hidden or only dimly glimpsed in the warmer months.

TRR photos by Anne Willard

This small fraction of 2017’s apple harvest shows the wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors of the apples used to make Abandoned Hard Cider.

Abandoned Hard Cider

Abandoned Hard Cider’s first batch was brewed in a farmhouse basement four Septembers ago. It wasn’t necessarily a passion for apples that attracted co-founder Martin Bernstein to the endeavor, but a curiosity—and certainly a hunger—to utilize at least some of the autumnal abundance of his Catskills home.

Photo by Seminary Hill Cidery,seminary.hill.co

Seminary Hill Cidery

CALLICOON, NY — If the Abandoned Cidery is a great example of “up-cycling” abandoned apple trees, the young orchards of the upcoming Seminary Hill Cidery demonstrate another variety of environmental good stewardship: they are a wonderful example of holistic growing practices.

Photo by Bill Cohen

There’ll be music on the streets at Milford’s Septemberfest.

Autumn street festivals*

Sat., Sept. 8

Milford Septemberfest

11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Mostly Harford and Broad streets, plus the Ann Street Park and the Milford Theatre


TRR photos by  Jonathan Charles Fox

Haunted hayrides are one of the most spookily entertaining—and as you can see, aesthetically pleasing—features at Barryville’s Pumpkin Fest. 

Pumpkin Fest:

The Upper Delaware River region is known for many things. Rafting, canoeing, camping and swimming are some that spring to mind. The scenic splendor of the area serves as a perfect backdrop for community-oriented events throughout the year.

Photos by Billy Templeton

The two essential tools of geocaching, a smartphone and a GPS locator, can lead to a cache of hidden treasures.

Geocaching: the hunt for cache

Two hundred yards up the hill from my home in Bethany, PA, hidden in the heart of the borough park, is a small canister that few people have found or even noticed during the six years of its existence.

Contributed photo

This is the aerial view of the 2013 Zembrzycki Corn Maze.

Fall fun down on the farm

As the cooler temperatures start to hit and the leaves start to change, we all know that fall is in the air. For some of us, this time of year may signify hay rides, pumpkins and hot apple cider. For some, it may mean it is time to find the closest corn maze for an annual corn maze adventure.



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