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Animal tracking

DINGMANS FERRY, PA — Ever wonder what kind of animal left behind those tracks? Does all the rustling in the brush make you curious?

TRR photos by Sandy Long

The weight of the turkey that left these tracks, in combination with snow conditions, may have produced the interesting circular pattern. Tracks laid in snow expand as the snow melts, providing clues as to how recently the animal was there. 

Tackling tracking in the snow

The first snows have dusted the Upper Delaware River Region. Other than giving everyone something to crow about on social media, some areas saw just enough accumulation to provide early opportunities for tracking animals and learning more about their “hidden” lives.

Copyrighted photo by Aaron Worthley

A bobcat track displays an overall rounded shape; heel pad (bottom of photo) is large relative compared to toe pads and no claw marks show.

Animal tracking

The coyote’s track cut through a foot of new snow. As I continued on its trail, the gentle swooshing of my snowshoes the only sound in the still morning, I read the unfolding narrative of the animal’s travels from the prior night.


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