Summertime in the Upper Delaware

According to the ancient Greeks, the food of the gods was nectar and ambrosia. Ambrosia is apparently a purely mythical substance, but we mere humans have the opportunity to feed on nectar—the liquid flowers use to attract pollinators—in the form of honey, nectar transformed by bees. Raw honey is the essence of summer, far more nutritious than other sweeteners natural or artificial, and we have the ideal source right here in the Upper Delaware region: small beekeeping operations. We spoke to a couple of them, and our feature story tells you all about raw honey, the bees that produce it and the people who take care of them.

Just because we live in a country area doesn’t mean we don’t have fun town happenings as well. Most of our small towns have community centers that host events of all kinds, especially during the summer, and The Cooperage in Honesdale, PA, is just such a place. Read all about the things happening almost every single day at this renovated factory on Main Street: performances, markets, lectures, classes, dances, open mics, game nights and more. 

Summer stock theatres have mostly died out in this country, but the whole idea of summer stock performances, taking place in rural venues like old barns, is redolent of vintage Americana. You can read about one of the few that has survived and prospered here in the Upper Delaware: the Forestburgh Theatre.

And when it comes to eating, what captures the essence of summer more than an old-fashioned picnic? Jude Waterston reminiscences on picnics past and ruminates on how picnics connect us to our environment, offering a couple of picnic recipes to boot.
It’s summertime at last—enjoy!


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