'Why we should support Bernie'

Posted 2/19/20

Letters to the editor February 20 to 26

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'Why we should support Bernie'


Why we should support Bernie

His program addresses our needs and he will win.

1. We need healthcare that is accessible to all. We need college tuition at no cost for anyone. We need affordable housing. We need to attack climate change. We are repeatedly told these goals are unrealistic and impossible to achieve. That becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. You say it often enough, then you do not act on it and, of course, it is not achievable.

Labels do not matter, the fact is that every developed country in the world, other than the United States, and many in the developing world are successfully executing some variant of these programs. They all operate under the paradigm that it is the function of businesses to create wealth and of government to make sure it is used equitably. It is a truism that we need regulation to prevent the concentration of wealth at the top and scarcity of funding to address basic needs.

2. Bernie has consistently shown that of all Democratic candidates for the presidency, he has the widest base of support. Yet we are told over and over again that he cannot win. This too is a self-fulfilling prophecy. The Democratic Party is struggling to find a viable candidate when the most viable one is staring them in the face. If the Democratic Party got behind Bernie 100 percent, he would win. Without a doubt, he is the best equipped to take on our deceiver-in-chief.

Tom KappnerKenoza Lake, NY


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