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Virus 2020

One of the many reasons I'll be going to Hell


There's an adequate meme to describe my sense of humor. 

Today, we're going to delve just a little bit into that big black part of the pie chart. 

COVID-19, the coronavirus, also known as the Wuflu, 2019-nCoV and similar... well, it's here. I've been (half) jokingly walking around the office campaigning.

Virus 2020 is my slogan... because honestly, if we don't start washing our hands and taking care of people, the election this fall isn't going to matter.  I've said it enough around the office that is was an easily suggestible topic for me to blog about.

And why not… I built a page full of information on the site offering links to sites and statistics I’ve found in my internet travels. My intention with that was to offer an easy and comprehensive set of numbers, charts and statistics that people could click through to find out where it’s spreading, how, and who’s gonna get the sickest.

I found a recipe for DIY hand sanitizer, and then I found an article saying that it might not be a good idea to make that. Yeah, they might be right. (Have I mentioned you should WASH YOUR HANDS?) Some recipes even suggest using vodka.

Now, if there’s one thing I know, it’s my liquor… and 40 proof vodka isn’t a high enough alcohol concentration to make this virus disappear. Maybe, MAYBE, if you were to use grain alcohol… but who wants to spend over $50 on a big bottle of Everclear to waste on your hands? (Side note… if you bought alcohol to make this with and now see the futility of it, you can drop it off to me at the office on Erie Ave.)

Anyhow, I’ve been laughing at virus memes, and false information, and the satire stories since the outbreak. Is this really a laughing matter? Nope… am I going to live in fear? Nope.

With the confirmed case in Wayne County today, and just so happening to live in said county, I did what I always do. I wash my hands, I eat right, and I keep looking for information to pass along to readers. I also make a lot of jokes… because quite frankly, SOMEONE has to break the tension that’s mounting over this stuff.

So, this afternoon with a smile on my face, I made my campaign signs for VIRUS 2020. Is it funny? I think so. Did it get a few chuckles from the office when I replicated Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and even Trump's logo? Sure did. The real question here is… will you find it funny too?

Humor is hit or miss. Some of you may chuckle, some of you may just send an angry letter to the editor saying how horrible I am. I’m okay with either reaction. Why? Because it means you’re paying attention. It means you’re reading about the virus and learning things. It means you’re (hopefully) washing your hands and staying home if you’re sick.

This local case of the virus doesn’t mean I won’t smile as my daughter boards the bus tomorrow for her senior trip to Disney. It doesn’t mean I won’t go Sunday and drop off my submissions for the show at the Union next week. It doesn’t mean I’m going to live in a hole in the ground for the next few months. (If you know me, you know I generally stay away from people anyhow.)

It does mean I’m going to keep making jokes and keep posting links on the website. Because, if it wasn’t for my macabre sense of humor, what would I have? Probably a virus in 2020.

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