The finger fairy

Posted 9/13/22

So everyone knows about the tooth fairy: you put a tooth under your pillow and you might get a quarter in the morning. Well, did you know there is another fairy out there?

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The finger fairy


So everyone knows about the tooth fairy: you put a tooth under your pillow and you might get a quarter in the morning. Well, did you know there is another fairy out there? 

I just found out about the finger fairy, as I like to refer to it. Although, if you consider the circumstances, they aren’t too picky about whether or not it’s your finger. 

The great part is you don’t even have to give up the appendage to get the reward. 

If you’re wondering what in the hillbilly medical world I’m talking about, let me just take a moment to explain.

This past week I may or may not have slipped with my knife while butchering, and found myself unable to solve my sudden dilemma with electrical tape and Superglue as per usual for us fix-it-up-and-keep-working type folks. No, I got myself pretty good compared to my previous nicks and scrapes. After realizing I lacked the confidence to properly address my injury, I made the humble choice to go to town to get it looked at. 

Now before I continue my story, I’d like to clarify something. I received excellent care and treatment in a prompt and concise fashion, and I don’t know if my “reward” from the finger fairy was entirely in line with the rules, but it was appreciated, and I have no desire for anyone to get scolded as a result. Therefore I won’t be naming where I went or who treated me.

Back to the story. So there I was, hand wrapped in paper towels, being shown to an exam room. I took a seat, and as I mentioned, I was helped right away, and got my finger cleaned up and prepped for stitches. They opened the suture kit and numbed my finger, letting me know I could lie back and look away if I so desired. Knowing I would likely be sharing this experience with you all, and also needing a refresher course in home stitches, I opted for the far more entertaining route, and proceeded to have a lovely conversation with the individual sewing up my finger. We discussed common injuries they saw, and I admired their handiwork as they tied eight lovely stitches along my digit. 

Having finished with the primary task, I had the all-important tetanus shot update administered and prepared to leave. 

It was at this point, as I sat on the table, that one of the folks in the room asked if I was a fisherman, to which I replied, “Yes,” ready to continue a conversation about local fishing etc. 

Without continuing that thought, they began to wash and bag the suturing forceps and tools from the kit used on me, and placed the bag in my lap. Apparently that was their way of saying, “Here you go, free forceps for fishing, etc.”

I asked them if the tools were indeed for me to take, and they told me they have to throw them away otherwise.

So I gladly took my new tools and discharge papers and headed for home. 

I’d say they were free tools, but if I really think about it, insurance paid for them anyway, so maybe not so much. Regardless, I now gleefully refer to the to-go bag of tools as my reward from the finger fairy, who did a great job of putting me back together. 

Whether I use these for fishing or anything else, it was a pleasant surprise at the end of a not-so-pleasant scenario.

The way out here, the silver linings often come in uncommon forms. Perhaps not everyone would be as thrilled to be getting some pliers, etc., but for a farm boy/outdoorsman, it’s almost worth considering a small accident in order to try to get more goodies. 

All jokes aside, my praises go out to good folks who helped me out; who went above and beyond, in my opinion. And for you folks who might find yourselves in a scrape, don’t forget to mention that you fish when you’re getting patched up, and who knows what the finger fairy might have for you.

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