Staying open, being there


NARROWSBURG, NY — At a time when nothing feels like usual, Joan Santo is continuing to operate her store, Narrowsburg Proper, to provide “a sense of normalcy for the friends and visitors of Narrowsburg.”

Narrowsburg Proper was opened as specialty shop, but Santo said she restructured her business model when residents began asking her to carry more staple supplies, becoming a “not so general, general store” for the community. During this global pandemic, Santo said she is taking things “day by day,” while also taking extra safety precautions to keep the store safe and clean.

“Our hearts go out to all the shop owners who can’t be open during this time,” she said. “I’m trying my best to just be there for the town.”

Santo is asking customers to call in their orders ahead of time and to check the store’s Instagram account—which is updated daily—to see what’s in stock. Customers can reach the store by calling 845/252-5099. The store is open Tuesday through Sunday.


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