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Each astrological sign has a ruling planet, but the planet ruling the Ascending or Rising sign is the most important by sign, house and aspect. It’s something you’re automatically seeking …

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Each astrological sign has a ruling planet, but the planet ruling the Ascending or Rising sign is the most important by sign, house and aspect. It’s something you’re automatically seeking or doing in life. Here are brief descriptions of each sign’s ruling planet and what they symbolize. Because some planets were discovered more recently, some signs have two rulers – and some signs share the same ruler. 

Aries : Mars—Action, leadership, pioneering

Taurus: Venus—Money, possessions, values

Gemini: Mercury—Thinking, communications, movement

Cancer: Moon—Feelings, intuition, caring

Leo: Sun—Center of attention, leadership, creativity

Virgo: Mercury—Organizing, analyzing, serving

Libra: Venus—Balancing, relating, harmonizing

Scorpio: Mars and Pluto—Transforming, power, intimacy

Sagittarius: Jupiter—Beliefs, the big picture, luck

Capricorn: Saturn—Achievement, responsibility, control

Aquarius: Uranus and Saturn—Networking, friends and groups, goals

Pisces: Neptune and Jupiter—Dreaming, imagination, merging

The September forecast describes the coming month with a focus on each sign’s ruling planet and where it is currently in the skies. 

ARIES March 22–April 22

The month starts with your ruler Mars in Virgo, in your work and health zone, possibly driving you to work too much in your quest to make it perfect. It’s opposite the confusing Neptune but also trine powerhouse Pluto, so you can get much accomplished if you keep a cool head. By September 16, Mars moves to the equitable Libra, and while your drive might be toned down, it’s time to smooth out relationships. Try to tread lightly! At the Equinox, Mars has moved only slightly and makes a conjunction with the Sun in your relationship zone—a powerful symbol for renewed energy for your marriage and partnerships, which carries through to the end of the month. The September 6 New Moon gives even more energy to your work drive, and the September 20 Full Moon in Pisces just before Equinox brings to light something you wanted to keep to yourself.  

TAURUS April 23–May 20

Your ruler Venus starts the month in its own sign Libra (Venus rules both signs) in your work and health zone. Venus is very comfortable in Libra, and makes for pleasant work conditions including workplace romance! It has a square or limiting aspect to Saturn, so things might not progress the way you want or might be delayed. It moves to the powerhouse Scorpio September 11, bringing your focus back to your marriage or any committed relationship or partnership where harmony prevails. At Equinox, Venus is opposite changeable Uranus in your pleasure and fun sector, causing trouble with dates. September 6 New Moon in Virgo brings in romance and pleasures, while September 20 Full Moon in Pisces opens the way to reconnecting with your friends. 

GEMINI May 21–June 20

Your ruler Mercury stays in Libra during the whole month, in your creative and fun zone, promising many comings and goings and lighthearted dating. On the other hand, you might engage your communications ability in creativity using words—writing, acting, film and so on. You could express Mercury here spending time playing with kids, or simply partying! Mercury will trine Saturn in your innovative zone too, so let your imagination fly. September 6 New Moon in your home and family zone promises lots of talking, and September 20 Full Moon in Pisces highlights your career ambitions that might see some results around now and during the Equinox on September 22, when the Sun is also in your creative zone. By the end of the month, Mercury has moved to square Pluto and gone retrograde—it’s best to lay low with your words especially when it comes to anything shared with loved ones. 

CANCER June 21–July 20

Your ruler Moon is the fastest moving planet in the zodiac, changing signs every 2.5 days or so. It starts the month in Gemini in your most private zone, and you might be having some strong intuitions and dreams around this time. September 6 New Moon in Virgo falls in your communications zone and forms a trine to Uranus in Taurus in your friendship zone, so good times are promised with them. Just before Equinox, September 20 Full Moon in Virgo might bring some kind of epiphany about your beliefs or ideals, and at Equinox there might be some conflict between your rational side and instincts with the Moon opposite Mercury. The month ends with Moon in your own sign Cancer, where it briefly opposes Pluto and might cause misunderstandings in marriage or partnerships—but they’re fleeting. 

LEO July 21–August 20

Your ruler is the Sun itself, and it symbolizes your native ability to attract others who orbit you, so to speak. The Sun stays in Virgo until the Autumn Equinox on September 22 in your money and resources sector, allowing you to put your creativity into finances. At the Full Moon when the Sun is opposite the Moon on September 20, the Moon is in Pisces in your health and work zone—try to pace yourself leading to the Equinox on September 22, when the balancing of light and dark happens in your communications zone. Try to tone your communications a bit! By the end of the month, Sun is making a trine to Saturn in Aquarius in your marriage and partnership zone, stabilizing any possible discord with them. 

VIRGO August 21–September 21

Your ruler Mercury stays in your money zone in Libra all month, giving you the push to make the most with your finances with your customary ability to analyze and plan long term. At the September 6 New Moon in your personal-aims zone, feel empowered to go after what you want, instead of pleasing those around you; it’s a great time to start that. At Full Moon on September 20 in Pisces in your partnerships and marriage zone, some issues brewing up in them might come to light and see a conclusion, but with Mercury trining Saturn, things will stabilize quickly. At the Equinox itself, the Sun in your money zone is giving an opportunity to balance your finances even more. By the end of the month, Mercury makes a lucky happy trine to Jupiter in Aquarius in your health and work zone—you can expect recognition and rewards—or just happy times!

LIBRA September 22–October 22

Your ruler Venus stays in your own sign Libra on your Ascendant until September 11, giving your charm and attraction powers a major boost. Then it moves to the resourceful Scorpio in your money zone where it stays until the end of the month, bringing you opportunities and rewards. At New Moon September 6 Venus is square Pluto possibly causing some kind of power play or it could be just lots of action with your intimate partner. With the Full Moon in Pisces on September 20, Venus is opposite the fickle and changeable Uranus while the Moon in Pisces might cause havoc with someone at work—but not to worry, it’s only fleeting. At the Equinox on the 22nd, Venus is still opposite Uranus, and the powerful Sun is now with Mars on your Ascendant, so try to temper your responses to any mishaps; they will pass. By the end of the month, Venus trines Neptune and Moon, promising good relationships and love.

SCORPIO October 23–November 21

Your two rulers, Mars and Pluto, are moving towards harmony all month, and in an exact aspect at the Virgo New Moon September 6, in your dreams and wishes zone, making it an excellent time for you to let the universe know your wishes by writing them down, or you can simply connect with friends and associations that help those along. By mid-month, Mars moves to Libra, where your drive to succeed might be tempered with concerns for others more. Full Moon in Pisces September 20 in your creative zone is a good moment for romance and creativity. At the Equinox, Mars is together with the Sun in Libra in your most private sector, so while it’s marking renewed energy, it might be tempered with increased need to be alone. By the end of the month, Mars trines Saturn in Aquarius in your home zone and Pluto in Capricorn in your money zone is sextile Venus in Scorpio on your Ascendant promising rewards, stability and love.

SAGITTARIUS November 22–December 21

Your ruler Jupiter stays retrograde in freedom-loving Aquarius in your communications zone  all month—being retrograde might mean you need to be careful with your words and other communications because they might be misunderstood, or you might simply feel less communicative than usual with people around you. At the New Moon in Virgo September 6 in your career and status zone, Jupiter makes a trine with Venus in Libra in your friends, groups and networking zone—you might start an affair with a friend, or a new business venture with groups. At Full Moon in Pisces in your home zone, Jupiter trines Mercury in Libra in your friends and groups sector again, bringing some kind of conclusion to matters started at the New Moon, and carries over to the Equinox a couple of days later. The month ends with Jupiter still trine Mercury and square Venus in Scorpio—just watch out for exaggeration or spending too much!

CAPRICORN December 23–January 20

Your ruler Saturn stays almost stationary and moves slowly backward or retrograde all month in early Aquarius in your money zone, perhaps causing you to turn inward or be very cautious with your dealings with money and resources. It starts the month without aspects, meaning more solitary, and at the New Moon September 6 in Virgo in your beliefs zone, it’s close to trine Mercury in Libra in your career zone, giving you an opportunity to express your views and advance in your career, and move forward with renewed faith. Full Moon in Pisces in your communications zone coincides with Saturn in Aquarius in your money zone making a wide trine to the Sun conjunct Mars in Libra in your career zone, bringing matters to a good  conclusion with your career. By the end of the month, the trine is still in effect, promising more career success.

AQUARIUS January 22–February 21

Your two rulers, Uranus and Saturn, stay both retrograde all month, Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Aquarius, perhaps causing some internal discomfort about your direction, since Saturn in your Ascending sign can mean a more cautious approach to your personal affairs, while Uranus in Taurus in your home zone might give upsets at home—however, you might keep them to yourself. The New Moon in Virgo September 6 in your work and health zone makes a trine to Uranus, easing up anything going on at home. By the Full Moon September 20 and still in effect at the Equinox a few days later, Uranus opposes Venus in Scorpio in your career zone and Saturn trines Sun and Mars in Libra in your beliefs zone, urging you to balance career with home and believe it can be done! The month closes with Saturn still trine Sun and Mars, but the Venus opposition to Uranus is past, promising easing of tensions and good luck. 

PISCES February 22–March 21

Your “new” ruler, Neptune, stays in Pisces retrograde on your Ascendant all month, bringing you ample opportunities to both lure and attract with glamour, and also to use your imagination for self-focused projects. The “old” ruler (before Neptune was discovered) Jupiter stays in Aquarius retrograde in your most private sector all month, pulling you more to spending time alone with creative or spiritual  pursuits. At the New Moon in Virgo September 6 in your marriage and partnership zone, Neptune makes a wide opposition to Sun and Moon—there could be some push-and-pull between partnership needs and your own desires, but all will be well with Jupiter trine Venus at the same time. At the Full Moon in Pisces on your Ascendant September 20, Moon joins Neptune and both oppose Sun, continuing with the needs of your own versus your partner’s needs. Jupiter, however, trines Mercury so everything can be sorted out with good and open communication. Autumn Equinox September 22 in your shared resources and intimacy zone can bring more completion, and the month ends with Neptune trine Venus in Scorpio in your beliefs zone and Jupiter trine Mercury in Libra, promising balance and luck.

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