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Astrological forecast for November


One way to look at astrology is that it describes the current mood. What is everyone talking about? The big issues this year are shown by Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn symbolizing both the pandemic and the election season power struggles. Jupiter will conjunct Pluto on November 13, infusing the situation with hope and possible solutions.

Mercury goes direct on Election Day, November 3, renewing hope of a peaceful election. Jupiter conjuncts Pluto on November 13th, Mars goes direct on the 14th, and the New Moon is in Scorpio on the 15th. All show a strong, free energy flow. Mars opposes Venus on  9th, so lovers might unite but also act out some drama. Neptune in Pisces trines the sun in the middle of the month, possibly adding to overall confusion, but also showing that a higher perspective might help with tensions.

Below is a brief description of how this plays out in general terms for each sign, according to the Sun or Ascendant sign. Although, for a complete picture, have an astrologer do your birth chart based on exact time and place of birth.


Heavy planets in Capricorn (Pluto and Saturn) might result in power struggles in your career, but Jupiter can help from the 13th and onward in the form of a respecter arbiter. Mercury goes direct on Election Day, showing better communication with people in authority because it’s in a harmonious aspect with the Capricorn planets. Mars, your ruler, is prominent is on the ascendant, going direct on the 14th. And there’s the Scorpio New Moon on 14th, Mars opposes Venus on 9th in your marriage and partnership house, so relationships and love are never far from your thoughts this month. There’s a possibility of a new start with your partner. Mars in Aries and Venus in Libra are strong in their own signs, suggesting union, but with some drama.


On November 3rd, election night, Mercury turns direct in Libra, harmonizing words where there are different opinions about the result. Your ruling planet Venus is in Libra for most of the month, bringing help to work and health situations. On November 9th when it opposes Mars in your 12th house of secrets, there could be a secret affair reaching a culmination of some kind. Mars goes direct on November 14th when hidden, secret enemies might become more direct, but you will have the energy to deal with them.  Pluto and Saturn continue to challenge and delay your higher beliefs, education and philosophy ideas,  with power struggles and pandemic issues especially, but Jupiter conjunct Pluto on 13th shows help from professionals in crisis situations, either medical, psychological or spiritual persons.


Your ruler Mercury goes direct November 3rd, election night, on your ascendant, showing things important to you personally start moving ahead again. Possible misunderstandings are left behind. Mars goes direct on November 14th when friends rally around. The New Moon on the 15th  signifies a new start in your work and health issues. You could also receive an offer to realize a dream through friends in high places or networking. Mercury also rules your home and family this month; there might be changes that could benefit you in some way. The heavy planets Pluto and Saturn can intensify power struggles over shared resources and who is in charge financially and psychologically, but Jupiter gives help, contacting Pluto on the 13th when a partner or spouse is more agreeable. Neptune in your career and status house trines the Sun in mid-month showing the possibility of your career dreams coming true, although be aware of confusion, too. Venus in your pleasures and creative sector promises much romance, especially with Mars opposition on November 9th. While you naturally tend to live in your head, it’s time to have fun on the physical level.


The Moon, your ruler, is full in Taurus on Halloween night, conjunct Uranus, causing upsets with your friends and groups about your dating choice, or vice versa because the Sun highlights your fun fifth house. It might be helpful to think of it as clearing the decks for better communication on both sides. Mercury is also in your romance house for the first part of the month, going direct on November 3 and facilitating effective communication. There can be problems and delays with your marriage or partnership due to Pluto and Saturn, but Jupiter conjuncts Pluto on the 13th and indicates help from someone very well off but also perhaps a little manipulative. Mars in your career sector goes direct on November 14, followed by the New Moon on the 15th, both  promising a new start, first in career and then with play.  There could be a conflict between your career and home as Mars opposes Venus on the 10th, but keeping balance between them is the key. Neptune is strong in Pisces on the 9th and offers help through higher perspectives and ideals.


Your ruler Sun is in your home and family area, showing that’s where you’re most comfortable during the continuing pandemic. The New Moon on the 15th shows some kind of new beginning with family. Mercury starts the month still retrograde in Libra, going direct on election night November 3rd in your communications sector, making it easier to deal with possible disagreements over news with your family. Mars opposes Venus on the 10th across your two communication houses and goes direct on the 14th; there could be heated discussions with your partner, but it could also mean short distance travel involving romance. Saturn and Pluto continue to slow down and cause problems with your health and work, but Jupiter catches up to Pluto on November 13th when help is available from either your own creativity or being able to socialize with friends or lovers, even remotely. Choices made between November 10th and 15th about your work, career and family can have far-reaching effects.


In November, you might have fights over who’s in charge of your children or lovers, because Saturn and Pluto influence them. There could also be struggles when trying to create something or have fun, but Jupiter conjuncts Pluto on the 13th and things will flow easier from then on, with perhaps help from our parents or other family members. Your ruler, Mercury, is your money and values sector; it is in retrograde when the month starts, going direct on November 3rd, the election day, promising easier exchanges about results. It opposes Uranus from November 6 to 7, when there could be communications over differing points of view about higher beliefs. Mars opposes Venus on the 10th and Mars turns direct on the 14th, possibly bringing intense and passionate encounters. Neptune in your marriage and partnership sector might cause confusion but also the possibility of reaching total bliss.


Libra’s mission is to keep peace, and Venus is rising in its own sign in November, suggesting harmony even while there might be tensions at home because both Pluto and Saturn influence the situation. There could be conflict over who’s in charge within family, but with Jupiter conjunct Pluto on the 13th, help is available from a neighbor, sibling or community. The opposite aspect between Venus and Mars on the 10th can soothe male-female relations in committed partnerships and marriage, although with some drama. It can become a tug of war between whose needs and wants are more important, and with Mars strong in its own sign Aries in partner’s sector, it’s possible you give in to them. Both Mercury and Mars turn direct during November 3 and 14,  respectively, boosting your communications skills and how you approach relationships. Neptune can show health symptoms that can’t be diagnosed, but with good aspects from the Sun around the 10th, things show improvement.


The Sun rising in November in your chart promises you’ll be noticed in some way during this month, most probably career since it rules that area. Mercury turns direct on Election Day, clearing the air for easier communication especially about values and finances. Mars goes direct in your everyday living and health house on November 14, and there’s November's New Moon on the 15th on your ascendant. Both show a new beginning with personal issues, and to do with your work and health with things moving smoothly from now on.  Venus is in the hidden and private sector of your chart, strong in its own sign Libra but subdued here. It will oppose Mars on November 10 and brings up relationship issues, especially sexual attraction. There can be tension, and maybe something is done in secret since the 12th house is involved. In your dating life, watch out for possible deception with Neptune in your fifth house. Pluto and Saturn continue to slow down your business and communication with power struggles, but with Jupiter conjunct Pluto on the 13th, help is available, especially with finance issues from a friendly person of means.


November is a little mixed for Sagittarius. Mercury goes direct on Election Day, November 3, showing the possibility your hopes and dreams might come true. Mars opposite Venus on November 10 from your romance house to your friends and groups house might result in issues about who’s a friend and who’s a lover. Venus happy gatherings and networking with friends and groups, even if it’s remotely! Heavy planets Saturn and Pluto are in your money and values sector, causing problems and delays, but if finances have been handled right, it can mean a time of reaping the just rewards. Your ruler Jupiter is conjunct Pluto on November 13th, just before Mars going direct in your speculation area on the 14th and the New Moon on the 15th, indicating luck; this can mean big gains for you!  The results depend largely on how you’ve built your base, but there’s a possibility of a new, prosperous start.


Mercury goes direct on November 3, symbolizing peaceful discussions and communication about the results of Election Day with your friends and groups. While the heavy planets Pluto and your ruling planet Saturn continue to affect you personally in your first house with a possibly depressed outlook, Jupiter is going to exactly conjunct Pluto on November 13th, bringing out the ability to restart and regenerate personally. It can be in the form of money from someone who wishes to remain anonymous: a generous, benevolent person. Your friends might not understand your romantic choice or speculative venture, building up tension until the next New Moon in Scorpio on November 15th when a new cycle begins. Mars turns direct on the 14th in your home sector, suggesting an easier energy flow within family. With Venus in your career section, you might be promoted or receive money, and there could be an office romance during Mars opposite Venus on the 10th.


Your ruling planet, Uranus, might cause ups and downs in your home life this month, while your second ruler, Saturn, is in your hidden issues and secrets section, with Pluto pushing unconscious power issues out of sight, but they’re there!  Be aware of others who might be plotting to take over in some way.  But with Jupiter conjunct Pluto on November 13th, help is available from friends, groups and authorities that are on our side. On Election Day, Mercury, the planet of communication, goes direct in your reputation and higher mind house facilitating easier exchanges and goes to your 10th house on November 10 when there could be changes affecting your career. Mars goes direct on November 14th in your business and communication sector where you are able to go forward with your plans once more. Mars opposes Venus, possibly distracting you with romance around November 10.


Mercury turns direct on election night, November 3, in your intense and crisis-prone sector, bringing relief with clear communication. Your ruler, Neptune, is rising in your November chart, giving you charm and allure but also the possibility of not seeing things clearly. It can mean confusion about your direction, although it’s unlikely with the trine to the Scorpio Sun later in the month. Saturn and Pluto are in your higher mind and education house making it difficult to get your ideas across, but your second ruler is conjunct Pluto on the 13th, bringing a helpful person in authority to ongoing issues of how to handle power within networks and groups, and suggesting gains from your career. Jupiter will slowly catch up to Saturn, too, to lighten up your friendship circle, but won’t be exact until next month. Mars turns direct on November 14 in your money area; be prepared for good news around this time.  It opposes Venus in Libra in your shared resources sector on the 10th, bringing tension but also deep intimacy and passionate encounters. With Mars free, direct again and the New Moon energizing your ideals and higher longings, your creativity can take off, and you can explore spirituality and beliefs.

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