Man on the Moon


Ok. This is it. The first real blog post I'm going to write on the new website. Tons of work has gone into this site... and it's not done. There's going to be bugs to work out, and more stuff from the archives to load.  Seems like every page I load still needs a little bit of polishing to make it right. But, that's the perk of the internet. You can change things pretty easy. So, with that in mind... bear with me. Things will shape up and it'll be the best iteration of the website yet.

So, with all that being said...

A real blog post. You know, like the ones I did before this mayhem started?

Let's talk about the moon.

Tomorrow is the 50th anniversary of the first time Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin set foot on the Moon. It's kind of a big deal considering it's been 47 years since Gene Cernan took the last steps on the Moon.

Considering the leaps in technology, it's almost baffling that we haven't been back. Sure, we've sent curious little machines to Mars, and the ISS always has people aboard. But... the Moon looks a little lonely to me. Shouldn't we have a colony there by now?

Hell, I'd move there. Or at least visit for a while. Long enough to let gravity make me smile at the fact that I only weighed 35.8 pounds.

Did you know, that Pink Floyd was wrong, and there really is no Dark Side of the Moon? It's true. So, while you can still put the record on and watch The Wizard of Oz, rest assured that sunlight does indeed touch both sides.

I have a funny story from years ago about the moon if you're still reading. (Why are you still reading? lol) My older daughter, Hailey had what I like to call a crush on the Moon. It was her Moon. Didn't belong to anyone else. Sorry, you can't have it.

Well, one day at the Wayne County Fair, she got a balloon. She loved that balloon and held onto it fiercely. When we got home she played with the balloon outside until it got dark. And, as all little kids tend to do, she lost the balloon. It floated higher and higher in the sky as she cried about losing it.

For once, I was pretty quick about trying to make her feel better. I told her that her Moon would be so happy that she sent it a balloon. The tears instantly dried up and she was happy once again. She went to bed that night wondering how long it would take the balloon to reach her Moon.

A few days later she was pouting again. I had forgotten about the balloon and the Moon, but she hadn't.

"Why didn't my Moon say thank you?"

Aww, crap. Well... now what?

My eyes glazed over and, looking like a deer in a headlight, I tried to come up with an answer. Something that  a pre-school aged kid would believe.

"Well... it might take him a little bit to get something back you. The Moon is an awfully long way away."

That night after she went to bed, I went to town and found a nice shiny balloon and brought it back home. I wrote a little note thanking her and tied the balloon and the note to a rock.

When she saw the balloon outside her window the next morning, her smile returned. "My Moon loves me," she loudly proclaimed.

Yep. Her Moon sure did.

PS... wanna watch something fun? (Thanks for sharing Jonathan)


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