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Looking Back (part 2)

Yeah, that's still not the name of this column


It's cold. Typical weather for early January, yet it's still before Christmas. Certainly, the snow and the winter weather has helped people get in the mood for holidays... I guess. I'm sitting here in layers of clothing, remembering the summer heat that I enjoy so much.

I have to slam out a post a day early due to the holiday print schedule. Imagine having two Mondays and two Tuesdays in your week. That's what's going on here.  Monday is prep day for Tuesday layout. And with us printing on Friday as well... well, you get the idea. 

So, it's the end of my Thurs... second Monday, and I'm trying to write something witty, and interesting... which doesn't seem to be taking shape. 

I did promise last week that I would finish highlighting the photos from this year in my blog post. So, I spent about 20 minutes popping through folders and making a copy of some of my summer favorites... and my fall favorites as well. 

The thing is, it's always hard to choose which photos are good. The ones that are visually appealing, aren't always interesting in the context of what was going on... and sometimes they make no sense unless you have all the context of what was going on.  

Half way through picking out photos, the power snapped out. Thankfully, my computer here at work is equipped with a backup battery. I highly recommend getting one for your own machine if you do any regular sort of work on a desktop (or a plugged in laptop even). So, as groans went off around the office, I continued on working until the generator kicked in... which brings me to this exact moment in time. 

Without much further ramblings, I'll leave you to look back at some of the fun photos from July until now. 


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