Letters to the editor: September 12, 2019

Posted 9/11/19

Readers rally around Eileen Hennessy

I am responding to a recent rather unfortunate letter in last week’s newspaper concerning your long time and very popular columnist Eileen Hennessey. It …

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Letters to the editor: September 12, 2019


Readers rally around Eileen Hennessy

I am responding to a recent rather unfortunate letter in last week’s newspaper concerning your long time and very popular columnist Eileen Hennessey. It seems the writer David Skovron of Cochecton is unaware of the role of a community columnist. Eileen Hennessey has written her engaging column for about 10 years and, as a columnist, is free to highlight the events of her life in the community as well as the services of local businesses or any other matter she so chooses.

As a fellow community columnist, I know how hard Eileen works putting her weekly column together; it means spending a lot of time attending events—at her own expense, I might add—in an effort to help local churches and not-for-profit organizations raise funds. Far from being an “embarrassment,” Eileen Hennessey contributes greatly to the growth of local businesses and service organizations, all of whom appreciate her assistance.

My remarkably simple solution to Mr. Skovron is, if you object to her column and feel it is somehow below your personal editorial “standards,” which somehow finds it’s acceptable to sling mud and demean Eileen Hennessy, don’t read her column and try to move on in kindness.

Paula Campbell
Highland, NY

As a past resident of Narrowsburg, I enjoy being updated on the goings on in the area through Eileen Hennessy’s column “Lake Huntington News.” She always puts in a plug for local restaurants and businesses. It is interesting to hear of her out-and-about activities in the Lake Huntington area. I don’t get up there as often as I would like, but her column keeps me abreast and makes me want to come back. I always have a smile on my face when I am done reading her column.

MaryAnne Rose
Bellerose, NY

In response to Mr. David Skovron about his letter to the editor, I have been living in the Lake Huntington area for 30-plus years, and for the last number of years, have looked forward to Eileen’s column each week. Some people move into this area from big cities and want to change it into what they left in the first place, almost like our southern border, but that’s another issue. We like our little town and cherish the kind and caring people that we come across, each and every day.

She is a kind and caring human being that cares about everyone she meets. If you haven’t met her you should take the time out of your busy day and do so and see why I am so happy to call her my friend. She prints what the people around the area share with her, and if there isn’t a story to write—again, we aren’t a big city—then she puts into her column what is close to her heart. If you don’t like what she prints than you should have contacted her in private and discussed it with her face-to-face, not lash out at her in front of all her readers.

If you would like to talk to me, you can call me on my cell 845/807-1508 or email me at americanmikesr@hvc.rr.com. I can be found at my office Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., or email me at

americanmikesr@hvc.rr.com. I would prefer face-to-face, that’s the way we do things around here in the country.

Michael F. Popolillo
Lake Huntington, NY

Elect Reeves Sullivan County Clerk

Our current county clerk Dan Briggs has decided to retire after many years of faithful service to the people of Sullivan County. Our next county clerk should be a person with the same work ethic, ability and customer service philosophy. We believe the best person for that job is Russell Reeves.

Russell Reeves is the current deputy county clerk under Dan Briggs and has served with integrity and distinction. He is overseeing the modernization of the clerk’s office including the new e-filing program for important documents.

He has successfully petitioned the state to bring the notary public examination to Sullivan County so that residents no longer have to drive to Newburgh. But most important, Russell Reeves is the candidate with the proper temperament to lead the county employees who work in that office.

When a leader sets the tone for a cohesive work environment, the public will benefit from the resulting excellence in customer service. Russell has a proven track record in doing just that. Please join us in supporting Russell Reeves for Sullivan County Clerk.

Anthony Cellini and Robert Hoose
Monticello, NY


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