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I got the shot!


I did it! I got the COVID-19 shot. 

I was sitting home minding my own business and the phone rang: “Hello Eileen, this is Barbara Donatelli, president of the Grover Hermann Auxiliary. I have good news for you. Garnet Health has the COVID-19 vaccines and they are offering them to the auxiliary members; you’re a member so you can get it.” 

A million things were going through my head, but what came out of my mouth was, “Thank you for the call, but no thank you.” Barbara was not taking “no” for an answer; she tried to convince me a couple of different ways but my answer was still “no.” About a half-hour later, my sister from Queens called me; she sounded so excited that I thought she won the lottery. “I can get the shot! I am getting the shot! I go Saturday,” she told me. I said, “Good for you, I just turned it down.” She responded loudly, “What, are you crazy?” I told her, “Let me see how you do and then maybe.” She was not happy with me and hung up. 

That night, I went to the Town of Cochecton reorganizational meeting. There were a few minutes before the meeting, so I talked to Dr. Paul Salzberg, who is on the town board. I told him about the vaccine, and he was so happy for me—before I told him I am not taking it. He told me he got it and his arm hurt a little. I cannot remember his exact words, something along the lines of: “Yes, you are getting it, you qualify.” Then he told me that there are not that many shots around, and when I do decide to get it, it might not be available. Friday morning, I was getting dressed and was really thinking of not going, so to calm myself I went on Facebook. I remembered my friend Jamie Meyer got it, so I asked her a few questions. She put me at ease. 

On my way to the hospital, however, I was thinking of ways I could get out of it; I was a nervous wreck. So I prayed to my parents, my husband and the big man himself: God. I was asking for a sign—anything that would make me feel okay about getting it. I walked into the hospital and standing right in front of me was a man in a black shirt and a white collar. Yes, Pastor Chris. I said, “Oh, thank God, you are my sign.” He gave me a look like I was crazy and I told him my story. He said come on over and fill out this paperwork, you will be just fine. When I handed Pastor Chris back the paperwork, I looked him right in the eyes and said, “If I do not make it, please be at my bedside and give me my last rights.” We all had a good laugh. I went into the room for the shot and had more questions to answer; I asked them to take a photo so I could share it with everyone. The needle did not hurt at all, but 10 minutes after the shot I got really itchy eyes, which only lasted about five minutes. I had the pleasure of meeting Justine Day in the waiting room, so I sat with her; I was fine and went home. I got the Moderna vaccine. I have to go back on February 5 for the second shot. The next day, my arm did hurt and I had a sore throat, but nothing bad. Let’s hope it works! 

I’d like to thank Rolland “Boomer” Bojo, the administrator of the Grover Hermann Hospital, for setting this up for the auxiliary. I’d also like to thank all the people who checked me in, the nurses and the doctor who was sitting right there who checked my eyes out. Pastor Chris sprayed all the chairs and wiped everything down and kept us safe.

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Keep smiling and wash your hands. Have a great week. You can email me at leenie or call 845/252-3568 if you have any news.

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