'Hat’s off to Delgado' and more

Posted 6/9/21

Regarding Resnick’s May 27 ‘My View’

I am writing in response to Randy Resnick’s myopic op-ed that argues against the proposed NYS carbon tax. I will be brief.

Climate …

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'Hat’s off to Delgado' and more


Regarding Resnick’s May 27 ‘My View’

I am writing in response to Randy Resnick’s myopic op-ed that argues against the proposed NYS carbon tax. I will be brief.

Climate change is a crisis that threatens our civilization. We are seeing changing weather patterns leading to stronger and more frequent hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, drought, forest fires, rising sea levels, invasive species, species loss, crop failures, etc. We are now paying to deal with these effects of climate change, and this “tax,” though hidden, is much greater than the proposed carbon tax. The U.S Military recognizes climate change as an urgent and growing threat to our national security.

A carbon tax will promote energy conservation and a switch to green energy, helping to fight climate change and creating green jobs. Mr. Resnick quotes increased taxes 10 years out, but, as the tax is phased in over time, people will have time to reduce their fossil fuel use and, thus, their tax hit. I applaud the NYS Legislature for proposing effective action to tackle the greatest threat that now faces our civilization.

Norman Starr
Beach Lake, PA

Hat’s off to Delgado

My hat’s off to Rep. Antonio Delgado. While Republicans were embarrassing themselves and the country by rejecting a bipartisan investigation of the January 6 Capitol insurrection, Delgado kept delivering for our communities. He supported President Biden’s American Rescue plan that is providing more than $400 million in direct funding to the 19th Congressional District. Remarkably, though Delgado’s regular conversations with local people has demonstrated strong support across party lines for the American Rescue plan, not a single Republican voted for it. Not one.

Always working to change the way Washington works, Delgado designed the Direct Support for Communities Act, which ensures that even the tiniest villages receive some of the $400 million coming to our district and puts the power to use the funds in the hands of local leaders. They, not some distant bureaucrat, can direct the money where they know it is needed for public health, pay for essential workers or invest in water, sewer and broadband infrastructure. It is so good to see an elected official running counter to the current negativism towards government. Antonio Delgado just keeps his nose to the grindstone and keeps delivering for our communities.

Ed Kornbluh
Schodack Landing, NY

Wayne County Green Party opposes fracking

For some time, my main concern has been fracking in the Delaware River Basin. We just won a long-standing battle with the Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC). The DRBC voted on February 25 to ban fracking in the Delaware Basin.

Here is what NPR said, “All four basin states—Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and New York—voted to ban the practice, citing scientific evidence that fracking has polluted drinking water, surface water and groundwater. The vote prohibits gas drilling in northeastern PA and southern NYS, where Marcellus Shale gas deposits are limited to about one-third of the basin.”

I was dismayed, however, to see that the township supervisors of Dyberry, where I live, have joined a lawsuit against DRBC to protect landowners rights. Similarly, the Wayne County Commissioners voted 2-1 to join the same lawsuit. The Tri-County Independent said it was “a rare moment of disagreement” for the commissioners’ vote to be split. Up until 2021, our commissioners have always been Republican businessmen or farmers.

Newly elected Commissioner Jocelyn Cramer cast the dissenting vote. Last year, Green Party members helped elect Joss as commissioner. (She won by just 10 votes.) I
believe she is the first woman commissioner and has stated her belief in preserving the natural beauty of our area. In fact, Joss now calls herself “the environmental commissioner.”

This area has traditionally been a farming and dairy area, though Wayne County is becoming more and more a tourist destination. So there is an economic argument to oppose fracking, as well as health reasons. As you probably realize, many struggling farmers hope to get money from fracking leases on their land. My own family has lived in Dyberry for six generations, though I am not actively engaged in farming at present. As a member of the Green Party and a constituent of Dyberry township, I do not feel the supervisors’ or the commissioners’ decision represents me or others who wish to preserve the Delaware River Basin.

The Green Party of Wayne County meets at 3 p.m. on the last Saturday of each month. You can learn more at www.bit.ly/3cHDQPt.

Beverly Beers, chair of Wayne County Green Party
Wayne County, PA

Todd Baker and Carol Richman for Gardiner

For the June 22 Gardiner Democratic Party primary, we can vote for two candidates. This year, Carol Richman and Todd Baker are by far the best choices.

Richman has served on the Town Planning Board and is a formidable attorney. Baker has recently emerged as the leader of the new short-term-rental issue. I am grateful for Warren Wiegand’s past contributions and I voted for him four years ago. However, going forward, their qualifications now make Todd and Carol the best candidates.

Baker’s late candidacy should not disqualify him. I know that many committee members are grateful that we now have a choice, and they will be voting on June 22 for Baker and Richman. Most saliently, Richman herself endorses Baker.

I hope, after scrutinizing the track record of all three candidates and weighing the community’s needs at this time of Zoning Code revision, everyone will vote for Richman and Baker.

I already voted by absentee ballot. If you are a registered Democrat, please do the same, or show up at the polling venues on June 22.

Samuel Cristler
Gardiner, NY

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