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Get ready for spring


This is a perfect time to prepare for spring. Here is a to-do list that will keep you on track as the weather gets warm.

  1. Call your plumber or licensed heating contractor and have your furnace tuned up and cleaned.
  2. Clean and check your air conditioners. Now is the time to make sure they are in working order; don’t wait for the first heatwave.
  3. Remove storm windows and replace them with screens.
  4. Test and change batteries in smoke alarms, thermostats and garage door remote controls.
  5. Have your home inspected for mold, inside and out.
  6. Clean out the garage and sheds; complete an inventory on seasonal tools.
  7. Check your garden for winter wear and broken or damaged trees.
  8. Start planning the garden; order seeds and shrubs now for the best selection.
  9. Test your gas-powered garden tools. Order any new tools now before the spring rush.
  10. Check the air in the tires of your mower and wheelbarrows.
  11. Examine your front and back steps to make sure they are in good condition.
  12. Make sure your gutters are in good condition.
  13. Using a pair of binoculars, check the condition of the roofs on your house, garage, porch and sheds.
  14. Remove bird feeders where bears can get at them. You can still enjoy the birds as long as the feeders are out of reach.
  15. Check shrubs and susceptible plants for deer damage replace them with new plants.
  16. Replace winter-damaged garden paths and repair broken steps or borders.
  17. Now’s a good time to order new patio furniture and accessories.
  18. If you have a screened-in porch, check for broken or damaged areas. If you don’t, consider screening in your porch before the insects arrive.
  19. Come in out of the cold with a cozy greenhouse for early planting. You can have one custom made or order a pre-fab.
  20. Consider planning an outdoor kitchen for easy summer entertaining.
  21. Warm things up with an outdoor fireplace, patio heater or fire pit.
  22. Thinking of installing a pool or hot tub? Now’s the perfect time to find good deals and book an installation.
  23. Test your water. It’s a good idea to test well water once a year. Early spring is a good time to check for groundwater problems.
  24. Inspect built-in planters, empty them of snow and ice and make any necessary repairs.
  25. Get your gas or charcoal grill in order. Check the lines and fittings for leaks and corrosion.


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