Letters to the editor

'General input' and more

Posted 3/11/20

Letters to the editor March 12 to March 18

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Letters to the editor

'General input' and more



Why do so many people who put Christ at the center of their lives—good people—support our least Christian president?

It’s clear that Donald Trump doesn’t have much respect for the Bible. (He’s compared it to his own book, The Art of the Deal.) When he’s tried to show that he’s familiar with scripture, it has backfired. Instead of saying “Second Corinthians” he talked about “Two Corinthians.” That’s a beginner’s mistake.

Trump may not know much about the Bible, but there’s something much more serious going on. Time and again he’s shown contempt for the virtues that Jesus spoke about. Humility? He’s constantly putting down other people and bragging about himself. Generosity? Compassion? Forget about it. He’s cheated charities and he makes fun of the disabled. Forgiveness? Trump is on a mission to destroy everyone he thinks has crossed him. He’s even suggested that some of his political enemies deserve to die.

When I was young, the President of the United States was a model for every child in America. Does anyone today really want their child to grow up to be like Donald Trump?

Bruce Ferguson
Callicoon Center, NY

In regards to last week’s editorial ‘Dead crows and dying trees’

I enjoyed your editorial from the March 4 edition of TRR with respect to dead crows and dying trees. You are correct in that we have lost the chestnut and the American elm and are in the process of losing all of our ash species as well as the hemlock. There is total agreement in that the causative factor is us humans polluting, poisoning and destroying their habitats. You conclude, “What the planet sees now is for its population to switch to renewable new forms of energy, sustainable methods of agriculture and fishing and protections for large swaths of the natural world.” While I concur that would help, I ask that we do not lose sight of our global increase in human population, with each individual wanting a piece of the diminishing pie. Without a leveling or reduction in the human population. I fear for our future generations.

Marty Borko
Waverly, NY

General input

It is with joy and pride that I see how The River Reporter carries on.

The writing quality is good; the editorial positions are well thought out.

One suggestion, as an old person, is the importance of a thorough obit page! I’m not sure of your choices, [is it however many] miles from Narrowsburg? Whatever the criteria, try to be thorough and comprehensive to your readership.

Thank you.

William F. Davis
Honesdale, PA

To honor St. Patrick

Together today, a
green environment and Eire.
Let us add James Joyce, the
Master of Literature,
and to relax, a pint of brew
with lonely Leprechauns.

Cornwall and Wales, one-of-
a-kind cultures, have already
applied for Coracle
membership. They claim that
the concept of Sanctuary
is hard-wired in their souls.

Mort Malkin
Milanville, PA


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