Eldred Class of 2000 reaches out to those of 2020

Posted 6/30/20

ELDRED, NY — No one wanted to get on an airplane. Elective surgeries were being cancelled. Panic drove people to stock up on bottled water, canned goods, and yes, even toilet paper.

No one …

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Eldred Class of 2000 reaches out to those of 2020


ELDRED, NY — No one wanted to get on an airplane. Elective surgeries were being cancelled. Panic drove people to stock up on bottled water, canned goods, and yes, even toilet paper.

No one foresaw these events in the spring of 2020 but they sure did as the calendar marched toward January 1, 2000.

The graduating seniors of the Class of 2000 faced uncertain days, in some ways very different but in other ways very similar to those that the Class of 2020 has had to deal with.

Such were the days of Y2K, when many thought that computer systems worldwide would fail if the digital time clocks within them could not compensate for the two new digits that the new millennium would create.

By the time the class of 2000 returned from their Christmas break, the world had heaved a collective sigh of relief as all was “right” again. The class of 2020, not even born during the Y2K events, returned from that same break looking forward to prom, senior pranks, finals and finally graduation. No one anticipated the changes that awaited them and the rest of the world.

Spearheaded by class president Audrey Smith, who now resides in Connecticut, the Eldred Class of 2000 sought to reach out to the newly-minted alumni with words of advice, even before the onset of the coronavirus. Their advice applies both pre- and post-pandemic.

“Life can take you in directions you never expected. That doesn’t mean they aren’t beautiful or, sometimes better for you than your original plan. Worry less about what you are “achieving” and when you’re doing it. Worry more about experiencing joy, doing things that make you excited, working on projects that you are passionate about, with people you love.” – Rachel Cassidy

“Keep positive influences in your life both personally and professionally and do not hold on to anyone or anything that makes you feel less than what you deserve. Know you deserve to get back everything you give out so make sure your output is positive and strong. Surround yourself with people who make you happy and treat you well.” – Dana McLean

“Every day is a gift, even the most difficult ones. Life is not easy, and you will assuredly experience difficulty, just as you are now; but, remember that it is only during the darkest of nights that stars shine their brightest. It’s life’s hardest moments that help shape and define your character. Gratitude and hope will see you through. BElieve THEre is LIGHT in the darkness.” Kristen Hanson

“To the class of 2020. Twenty years ago we dealt with the world going to end with Y2K, but here we all are…my advice to all of you during these troubled times: keep your heads held high, do what you feel is the best decision for you, go on that vacation, take a semester off from school, and if you don’t feel that college is the right fit for you, look into other options like trade schools or apprenticeships. Best of luck class of 2020! Twenty years flies by before you know it.” – Donald Kuhn

“My advice to the class of 2020 is to be true to yourself and do things you want to do! Love and be open with the people you care about; I encourage you to explore, meet people, truly LIVE and most importantly remember the river – it will call you back now and then and when it does, walk in carefully so you don’t slip and look like an idiot, reach for the thinnest rock you can find and throw that sucker as hard as you can. Breathe. Repeat. Congratulations Class of 2020.” - Audrey Smith

“Some advice from a 2000 graduate to a 2020 graduate. Travel! Go see the rest of the state, the country and even the world. Go with an open mind. Meet new people and try new things; believe me, it will change your life for the better. Love your family, your friends and everything around you. Always give 100% and live with passion. Work hard but play harder. Go outside, get lost, explore, take adventures and always look forward. There is a lot of life to be had out there and time goes quickly. Embrace the good times as well as the bad. Most importantly, smile often, laugh out loud and live life to the fullest.” – Chris Desseauve

“You can’t control much in life. The class of 2020 have probably learned this early. You can, and must plan your voyage, but you can’t control the seas you sail. Don’t despair! You control what really matters. You are the masters of your ship. Keeping moving forward: a ship adrift ship can’t be steered. Don’t worry about the size or grandeur of your ship: even the grandest and most well-powered ship is but a speck on the vastness through which it sails. Rough seas will teach you the most about sailing. Though our voyage is rarely what we planned, it always follows the course we steer. Godspeed 2020!” - Benjamin M. Robinson, Lt. Commander, U.S. Coast Guard

The Eldred Class of 2000 is making plans for a reunion on August 8. Those interested in attending should contact Audrey Smith at Audrey.smith@live.com for more information.


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