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Gadfly generally finds plenty of people in public life, both political and corporate, who are in need of a satirist’s sharp pen. 

But, the coronavirus is in a separate category.  So, today’s column will be serious:  The human body is complex, made of many structures and functions, none more so than the immune system.  If you’re lucky enough to have been given a strong immune system, or live a lifestyle that will maintain a functionally resilient immune system — you can thumb your nose at viruses such as the common cold or the coronavirus. 

I have a heredity that offers heart disease, hypertension, and a lipid profile that includes high cholesterol.  My lifestyle, however, has been influenced by a liking for athletics (track and field) and a few folks who have a strong background in research.  I never submit to flu shots, nor do I ever get the flu.  I am out walking (aerobic walking) when I’m not splitting wood for an evening fire.  I have also come to know Dr Larry L who has introduced me to nicotinamide (Vitamin B3), which is much more than a vitamin. 

There is more detail to such a healthful lifestyle and immune system than aerobic walking and a glass of dry red wine with dinner.  A number of supplements from the health food store should be selected, and regular meditation (Ommm) are important. A varied diet that is rich in vegetables is basic of course.

The medical profession has had no answer to the coronavirus, nor will you catch them advocating for a strong immune system as a primary strategy.

The next column will see GADFLY returning to the much needed  traditions of Jonathan Swift.


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