Astrological forecast for December


The Sun continues in Sagittarius for most of December, bringing with it a more optimistic outlook and future orientation, and leaving behind the churning Scorpio emotional times. After the Lunar Eclipse Nov 30 in Gemini that for many meant letting go of old ideas, things continue relatively quietly astrologically until next New Moon/Solar Eclipse Dec 14 that’s like a regular New Moon on steroids. In truth sayer Sagittarius, it’s time to face reality and express your intentions in a clear way. It’s a great time to start something new and idealistic. Interestingly, the Electoral College will vote on the final outcome of the Presidential Election on the day.

At Winter Solstice December 21, Mercury joins the Sun in Capricorn, symbolizing stable communications, at the same time as a rare conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn happens at 0 degrees Aquarius. Jupiter/Saturn conjunctions traditionally herald changes of governments and new ideas. I’s a 20 year cycle between the 2, but there’s not been this close a conjunction since 1623, when the two planets appear as one luminous star in the night sky. Aquarius symbolizes new, often ahead of times ideas, social sharing, and it’s also a symbol for democracy. Both Saturn and Jupiter have been in the stable, some say heavy Capricorn for many years, so the collective mood is lightening up from now on.

 The year ends with a Full Moon in Cancer December 30 when caring and nurturing come into focus collectively. For New Year’s eve, the Moon will have moved to the fun loving Leo, so festive party mood takes over even if celebrated remotely.

The predictions below are based on your Sun or Ascending sign, although for an accurate individual chart, contact an astrologer.  The Sun enter and leave dates are approximate, as it changes signs on a slightly different date depending on the year.

ARIES Mar 21 – Apr 20

Your ruler Mars is strong in its own sign Aries, so your personal interests are energized and you’re full of vigor. The Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Aquarius Dec 21, at Winter Solstice brings your goals and dreams into focus – it’s time to let go of old ideas about friends and groups and focus on networks and sharing, and you’ll find help and make new, powerful friends who help you with this. Uranus in your money sector means your finances could be up and down, but using your communication skills solves any issues, since Mercury trines it the day after Christmas Day, bringing the possible holiday spendathon to a good ending. Venus starts the month in sultry Scorpio in your power and intimacy sector, and lightens up going to Sagittarius and the optimistic and future-looking sector mid-December, coinciding with the Solar Eclipse, when this New Moon on steroids lights the fire under your new ideas and plans. You might move, start studies, or become involved in spiritual movements  - or party too much! Toward the end of the month, watch out for any possible confrontations with persons in power, bosses and the like because there’s tension between your personal goals and theirs with Mars square the equally power hungry Pluto. Dec 30 Full Moon across your home/career axis could bring some drama, possibly over money, but with Uranus sextile, a good outcome. Watch your daydreaming with Neptune in your hidden sector, dream good things!

TAURUS Apr 21 – May 20

Your ruler Venus starts the month in your partnership and marriage sector in Scorpio where it’s pulling away from ups and downs in relationships due to its opposition to Uranus. Dec 14, Venus moves to Sagittarius at the same time as the Solar Eclipse in your shared resources sector, bringing luck with power and wealth, as well as intense intimacy. From then on, you can feel freer to express your desires without major blowups, and make new plans. The powerful Jupiter/Saturn conjunction at Winter Solstice in Aquarius Dec 21 takes place on the highest point of the chart, so a whole new era in your career is opening up with new ideas that go well with your natal earth energy. You might meet helpful persons who help you along. The Sun also moves to the builder and stabilizer sign Capricorn together with Mercury at the same time, backing the process up with realism.  The year ends with a Full Moon in Cancer in your communications sector when emotional outbursts are possible. By New Year’s Eve, the Moon will be in Leo in your home and family sector, promising caring and sharing times in family setting while staying safe.  

GEMINI May 21 – Jun 20

With your ruler Mercury moving to Sagittarius in your partnership and marriage sector at the start of the month and the Lunar Eclipse that took place Nov 30 in Gemini energizing your personal wishes and desires, there could be partnership conflict, but it’s mostly talk and changes quickly, possibly because you had an epiphany of sorts and know some things are best left behind. The New Moon/Solar Eclipse that’s like an exponential New Moon also in your partnership area Dec 14 at the same time as Venus moves there as well promises a new, loving beginning in relationships. Make sure you use all your mental energy to send out your relationship wishes to the universe. At Dec 21 Solstice, Jupiter and Saturn unite in Aquarius in your optimistic higher mind sector promising a new era that might mean both studies and long distance travel or moving.  Pluto in Capricorn might mean shared resources concerns all month, and toward the end of the month be aware of possible conflict with networks and friends as it squares Mars from Aries. The year comes to a close with a Full Moon in Cancer Dec 30 in your finance sector, bringing to a conclusion any remaining issues that have been brewing underneath. New Year Eve’s Leo Moon lights up your party and fun sector, enjoy!

CANCER Jun 21 – Jul 20

Lunar Eclipse in Gemini on the last day of November brought to focus your work and health, possibly a culmination or realization of some kind, leading to a fresh start at the New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius  Dec 15 when you might be getting job offers – make sure to state your intentions clearly during this time.  Jupiter and Saturn stay in your relationship sector in Capricorn that slows things down,   until they unite at Winter Solstice Dec 21 in Aquarius in your wealth and power sector, and can bring you meetings with powerful persons who might change your life for the better.  Mars in Aries is going ahead full steam in your career sector meaning advances, but watch out for being too forceful about it especially with partners and spouses toward the end of the month when it squares power hungry Pluto that continues to stay in your marriage house. On Christmas Day, Mercury trines Uranus from your relationship sector to your friends, showing it’s possible to celebrate with them even remotely. December 30 Full Moon in Cancer finishes off the whole year with an emphasis on your personal feelings and direction and realizing that leaving some things behind is a good idea. New Year Eve’s Leo Moon promises an opulent, sensual celebration even if done with more restrictions than usual.

LEO Jul 21 – Aug 20

There could be friction between work and home at the beginning of December with Venus opposite Uranus in your career versus home sectors, although it’s only passing. Your ruler Sun is in the optimistic Sagittarius for most of the month in your play and pleasures sector, showing you can enjoy activities and creativity even during isolation and restrictions, possibly joining the kids with playing. While the end of November Lunar Eclipse in your friends and group sector might have forced issues and realizations about them and brought endings, Solar Eclipse/New Moon Dec 15 in Sagittarius in your creative and play sector will let in new, playful friends and lovers as well as enhancing your own creative potential. Jupiter and Saturn will unite in Aquarius on your partnership sector at Winter Solstice Dec 21, giving you new opportunities and beginnings with long term partnerships and marriage that might even feel like you’ve changed partners – for the better. In some cases, new partners and spouses can appear who will have a profound effect on your life for years to come.  Pluto in Capricorn stays in work and health sector, so everyday living and work might present challenges and with restrictions especially toward the end of the month when Mars in Aries squares it, but they’re mostly ideological or philosophical differences that can be solved with communication. Dec 30 Full Moon in Cancer in your most secretive and private sector finishes off the year in a little more subdued but caring manner – it’s possible some secrets surface around this time, but by New Year’s Eve the Moon will have moved to your own sign Leo so nothing can  stop your celebrations in grand style.

 VIRGO Aug 21 – Sep 20

Your ruler Mercury in Sagittarius is in your home and family sector for most of the month, so you can expects much activity and conversations there, possibly with siblings or younger persons over whether it’s safe to gather. At Winter Solstice Dec 21, Mercury joins with the Sun in Capricorn in your creative sector when your outlook might become more playful but also steadier, and simultaneously, a once every 20 years conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius lights up your everyday living sector bringing in a new era with good health and job opportunities, starting with organizing and analyzing your situation, that comes easily to most Virgos. It’s possible new work arrangements and structures emerge that reflect trends toward social sharing and might be put in place using precision and ideas. Neptune continues its stay in Pisces in your marriage and partnership sector, please watch out for being unrealistic or gullible in relationships – or you could have a dream romance of your life right at home. Dec 14 New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius in your home sector promises new beginnings with family and possibly moving. Toward the end of the month, try to avoid overspending, especially any shared resources with Mars in Aries in your shared finances sector conflicting with Pluto in Capricorn in your fun  and speculation sector- not an easy task for most during the holiday season. The year’s last Full Moon Dec 30 in Cancer in your friends and networking area might see emotions running high with them. By New Year’s Eve, the Moon will be in fun loving Leo but in your isolation sector, so partying online or even solo might take place.

LIBRA Sep 21 – Oct 20

You ruling planet Venus in Scorpio starts the month comfortable in your money sector, and although there might have been ups and downs with finances and love because of Uranus opposition, it’s now pulling away and things will get smoother. Venus moves to light hearted Sagittarius and your communications and ideas sector mid-month, coinciding with New Moon/Solar Eclipse Dec 14, promising new beginnings with love and finances, two things usually not far from Libra’s mind. Make sure to state your wishes clearly, possibly in writing.  Mars in Aries continues in your relationships and marriage sector, causing friction but also passion – watch out for confrontations toward the end of the month when it squares Pluto in Capricorn in your home and family area. At Winter Solstice Dec 21 both Mercury and Sun move to Capricorn also in your home sector, showing you’ll feel best there for now, at the same time as the powerful once every 20 years Jupiter/Saturn conjunction takes place in Aquarius in your play and fun sector – your creativity might start to shine with new, possibly ahead of time ideas and creations, or your social life might see a boost that you thought had disappeared during Covid times. However, it seems you’ll find a way around this, possibly remotely to stay safe. Dec 30, the year’s last Full Moon in Cancer takes place at the top of your chart in Cancer when you could see recognition or culmination with your career or standing in life. New Year’s Eve’s Leo Moon might lead to a little overspending since it’s in your finance sector.

SCORPIO Oct 21 – Nov 20

Mars, your traditional ruler in Aries  is in your work and health sector, and your second ruler Pluto in Capricorn in your communications sector, slowly working their way toward a square, meaning there could be friction around Christmas time about health situations. They could be with work or team members or siblings, or difficulties and arguments to do with business and communication. Try to stay calm and remember, sometimes it’s best to bide your time. The Lunar Eclipse that ended November 30 took place in your money sectors, and its effects could cause upsets until the next New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius Dec 15 when it’s possible to get a new start with justified optimism, and to leave the old behind. The Winter Solstice Dec 21 in your communications and immediate environment sector at the same time as the powerful Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius in your home area might mean it’s time to let go of old ideas and to reach a new understanding about what your family and heritage mean to you in the long run. The last Full Moon of the year in Cancer Dec 30 takes place in your optimistic and idealistic sector, giving you insights and realizations about the past year and the chance to let the past go. New Year Eve’s Moon in Leo lights up the most visible area your chart of recognition, so celebrating in grand style is in the cards.

SAGITTARIUS Nov 21 – Dec 20

Your ruler Jupiter is very prominent this month and for the next few years, because it moves to Aquarius from the restrictive Capricorn at the Winter Solstice Dec 21, and conjuncts Saturn, ushering in what many say is the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. It takes place in you communications and community sector, giving you an opportunity to expand your already good skills and connect with the community. A new beginning is possible with enhanced productivity and optimism and social conscience. At the same time,  both the Sun and Mercury move to Capricorn and your money area, opening up new avenues to expand financially. Pluto in Capricorn will also stay in your money sector, and it will square Mars in Aries around Christmas time in your romance and risk taking sector – there could be trouble from both investments and lovers, but they pass quickly. The year’s last Full Moon in Cancer takes place in your intense shared resources area, concluding any joint financial deals. Leo Moon on New Year’s Eve livens up your networks where partying could get wild, even if done remotely!

CAPRICORN Dec 21 – Jan 20

With your ruler Saturn moving away from your personality and outlook area and moving to conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius in your money sector at Winter Solstice Dec 21, things will lighten up  for you, as well as bring money luck for the next few years. Pluto will stay in Capricorn in your personal outlook sector where it continues to bring up issues about power. Around Christmas when Mars in Aries squares it from your home and base area, there could be fireworks within the family over traditions and your own ideas about how you spend the holidays. But with Saturn moving away from what affects you personally, you feel freer financially, and investing wisely for the future is in the cards. While the last day of November’s Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Gemini might have brought to light something about your health or work that you wanted to keep to yourself, the next New Moon/Solar Eclipse Dec 15 in your private and secretive sector will bring new beginnings that might start in more private setting or kept from others. The year’s last Full Moon in Cancer Dec 30 puts the emphasis on your marriage or other partnership, and while there could be strong emotions, they can be healing. New Year’s Eve’s Leo Moon in your shared resources sector might mean overspending.

AQUARIUS Jan 21 – Feb 20

With one of your rulers, Saturn joining Jupiter in Aquarius on your Ascendant, you’re set to start the coming year a little early, during Dec 21 Winter Solstice. The once every 20 years conjunction promises to bring you good luck and a new beginning affecting you very personally for the coming year, and beyond. It’s a great time to start a new project or business.  The Sun moves to Capricorn together with Mercury on the same day in your secrets sector, throwing light on some old issues you thought were forgotten. Now, with Mercury’s influence, you’re able to bring them out in the open and to a good conclusion. Your second ruler Uranus is in your home and family sector, maybe causing problems with your love life with its opposition to Venus in Scorpio at the beginning of the month, although the influence is passing away. When Venus goes to Sagittarius almost at the same time as Dec 14 Full Moon/Solar Eclipse in your networks, groups and friends sector, new friends and profitable networks are in the cards. The year’s last Full Moon Dec 30 in Cancer highlights your everyday living, health, diet and work and might cause an epiphany about what’s best left behind concerning them for the coming year. Leo Moon at New Year’s Eve in your partnership and marriage area shows celebrations with your spouse or partner.

PISCES Feb 21 – Mar 20

Neptune, one of your rulers, is in Pisces on your Ascendant all month, brining confusion but also idealism to your personal issues and direction. It can also mean your dreams come true.  Your second ruler Jupiter forms a rare conjunction with Saturn in Aquarius in a very private, secretive area of your chart at Winter Solstice Dec 21, ushering in new ideas connected with the Age of Aquarius that you might decide to keep to yourself for now, although it doesn’t mean they won’t take shape more publically later. Because the Sun is also conjunct Mercury in the reality based Capricorn in your friends and groups sector at the same time, it backs up your plans concretely in long run, promising good connections and networks. The Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn can also mean enhanced creative ability in the continuing Covid isolation. It could also bring spiritual insights and advances that eventually make the world a better place. The year’s final Full Moon in Cancer Dec 30 brings the focus to creativity again, this time more with performance or children. You might decide to leave behind old notions about having fun, and define your own rules. New Year’s Eve’s Moon in Leo in your everyday living sector seems to make your celebrations more subdued, although still in great style.  


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