December 2021 astrological mood

Posted 12/31/69

What is the current quality of time? 

Astrology deals with symbols, and symbols have many meanings. On a broad level, we’re all affected by where the planets are now, regardless of how …

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December 2021 astrological mood


What is the current quality of time? 

Astrology deals with symbols, and symbols have many meanings. On a broad level, we’re all affected by where the planets are now, regardless of how they affect or what their relationship is to our personal chart, although if they form an aspect to your birth chart, the effects are much stronger. 

Where the planets now describes the quality of time for everyone, so what’s affecting the mood in December?

The first strong symbol is a total Solar Eclipse December 4 in Sagittarius. Sagittarius is the sign of beliefs and looking for the larger meaning in everything,  for the big picture, a bird’s eye view. It’s philosophical and interested in religion and spirituality, learning and long-distance travel and different cultures. In a very broad sense, Sagittarius outlook is a worldview, what you personally believe in that brings meaning to your life and guides you. 

Eclipses are times when two prime astrological symbols, Sun and Moon, come together with the Earth but with the Moon coming between the Earth and Sun, temporarily dimming its light. It’s a time to let go of something that no longer serves you, and sometimes it can be traumatic, although eventually good for the soul. Be aware of what’s happening around eclipses—they can show you how to go ahead. 

Sometimes, the changes are inner promptings, sometimes outer life events that change the course of our lives. They don’t have to be dramatic, just inner promptings that add up to powerful changes in the long run. In Sagittarius, we ask, what do I believe in? What are my ideals? What code do I live by? At eclipse times, these are doubly important questions, listen and try to act on your intuition. Very often, if we don’t take note, life can throw us a curveball that forces the changes in the form of outer events that might not be so pleasant, so it’s better to act first. 

The December 4 eclipse is conjunct or closely together with Mercury as well. Mercury is the planet of communication, speech, writing, messages, commerce. It adds a more logical dimension to the eclipse’s already strong stirrings to examine your thinking, ideas, and most importantly, ideals, and to discard what no longer serves you. 

The eclipse point is also sextile Saturn in Aquarius and trine Neptune in Pisces, meaning Saturn is a stabilizing influence on your ideals and beliefs, while Neptune might bring some confusion into what you need to leave behind. Trust your logical, stabilizing side this time, astrological symbolism tells us, in the form of strong Mercury and stable Saturn. Ideally, blend together your logical Mercury, stable Saturn and idealistic Neptune/Sagittarius sides. 

During the eclipse, Venus in Capricorn is conjunct or closely together with Pluto, and sextile Mars in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces, and Mars and Neptune are trine. This is powerful symbolism for relating and romance. There can be passion and betrayal, but with real love and idealism in the mix. They don’t affect the eclipse point directly, but add to the quality of time with the dimension of love and relating. Venus also has to do with money, sending a signal that there is an opportunity to make money, but watch out for any shady deals. If it’s too good to be true, listen to that! Mars is also square Jupiter in Aquarius, adding recklessness and unpredictability to the situation. Listen to your logical side, is the message. 

There is also a square between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus that can give rise to going your own way no matter what the consequences and socially acceptable rules are. The square doesn’t directly involve the eclipse point, although Uranus does form a minor aspect called quincunx to it. This calls for a more subtle adjustment of your urges to be different in some way, and your basic personality harmony expressed by Sun, Moon, and Mercury together during this eclipse. 

You’re most affected by the eclipse if you have your Sun, Moon or Ascendant in Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces or Virgo. These influences are much stronger and influence specific areas of your life if they aspect your personal chart closely. To find out, check your personal birth chart positions, or contact me at

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