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This past year has been a challenge for many of us. Having to stay home, social distance and, in some cases, isolate, it’s no wonder we turn to our homes for comfort. One of the ways to create a comfortable home is to get organized and get rid of clutter. Organizing means different things to different people. With some, it’s paring down; others need more storage; and for most of us, it is a little of both.

Before starting, think about the types of things that have to be organized, then break the project down room by room and section by section. Whether you start at the front hall or backdoor, the following ideas are sure to help you start to get your home in order:


  • Install bookshelves or open cubbies beneath a staircase.
  • Hang a peg rack along the wall near the entrance for hats and scarves.
  • Use a decorative basket by the front and back door to hold shoes.
  • Place a chest of drawers and a mirror in the hall next to the front door.
  • Attach a key rack inside the hall closet door.


  • If room permits, place a cushioned storage bench against one wall.
  • Paint one wall with chalkboard paint as a place to leave messages and shopping lists.
  • Add a wall-hung hutch or cabinet with cubbies in the mudroom to hold hats and gloves.
  • Hang a broom and dustpan or a small cordless vacuum on the wall for easy cleanup.
  • Incorporate a niche into the back hall for your pet’s food and water.


  • Remove counter clutter by installing an appliance garage between the upper kitchen cabinets and the counter space.
  • Install a Shaker peg rack or a single rail rack on one wall to hold pots and pans.
  • Use colorful plastic baskets to contain loose items in your freezer.
  • Hang pegboard to a wall, paint it a bright color and add hooks to hold soup ladles, slotted spoons and colanders.
  • Paint an old dresser and place it in the kitchen to hold dishcloths, napkins and tabletop accessories.


  • Use a decorative lazy Susan on top of a counter to hold cosmetics and lotions.
  • Add a storage bench upholstered in outdoor (waterproof) fabric, for sitting and storing small items.
  • Place a wine rack on one wall to hold rolled-up towels.
  • Use a wicker basket with a lid to conceal toilet paper.
  • Store children’s bath toys in mesh bags attached to the wall with suction hooks.
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