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Astrological musings for March 20 spring equinox

Posted 2/27/21

In astrology, the year starts around March 20, at the time of Spring Equinox when the Sun crosses the celestial equator from north to south in the …

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the river astrologer

Astrological musings for March 20 spring equinox


In astrology, the year starts around March 20, at the time of Spring Equinox when the Sun crosses the celestial equator from north to south in the Northern hemisphere, and when the day and night are of equal length. In astrology, it’s called the first point of Aries, and the rest of the signs are divided equally from thereon into the 12 signs. Symbolically, it’s a new start for the season when everything starts to grow, or “spring up” from the ground again. In human terms, it is a powerful symbol for new beginnings and the time to put out your wishes for the coming year into the universe. 

While the notes here are generalizations based on a whole sign and represent Sun sign astrology, they are based on astrological symbolism and apply to Sun or Ascending signs. For a more accurate, personal meaning, it’s best to consult an experienced astrologer who will explain your personal chart including what’s going on right now in detail. 

Below are descriptions of what area of life is most affected by Spring Equinox. 

ARIES March 20 – April 19

Sun’s position and Spring Equinox take place on the most visible part of your birth chart, on the Ascendant. This is a great moment in time for you to send out your wishes for the coming year regarding your personal goals and aims. Your ruler Mars is in Gemini in your solar 3rd house, in energizing conjunction with the Moon and North Node, and with mostly good aspects, including a stabilizing trine to Saturn in Aquarius in your 11th house that symbolizes wishes. Make sure you verbalize your intentions in some way – maybe write them down, to make them more concrete. The square or friction aspect to Mercury simply states, try to hold up your famed Aries temper when speaking and with the other fabulous aspects, it won’t be so hard. Remember, your words have power, more so than usual! 

TAURUS April 20 – May 20

The energizing Spring Equinox illuminates your 12th house or the area that describes your creativity, imagination and the need to be alone. It’s together or conjunct with your ruling planet Venus that’s still in Pisces, giving an extra oomph for you to realize your dreams about creating something, be it art, music, writing, photography, film, or any other way you feel you want to express yourself. You can give it extra form by creating a vision board where you include pictures, symbols and text for the year to come in terms of your creativity and spirituality.  Venus is also close to Neptune and that only sensitizes your creative urges more and has only good aspects, including a sextile to the powerhouse Pluto that gives you extra depth in your creations. 

GEMINI May 21 – June 20

At Spring Equinox March 20, the Sun shines in your 11th house of hopes, wishes and dreams. It’s also the area that describes gains from career or station in life, and since your ruling planet Mercury is in your 10th house near MC or the highest point in a chart, this promises honors and rewards from your career that’s most likely in some sort of communication area. Mercury is in dreamy Pisces, and although it has a square or is at conflict with your urge to assert yourself forcefully since it’s in your first house, it’s also sextile or in a harmonious, opportunity-creating aspect with the ingenious planet Uranus in Taurus in your 12th house – the combination indicates the time is ripe to put your creativity in words into good use, you’ll very likely to get honors and reap rewards for your work. At Spring Equinox, write it all down to make it more real!

CANCER June 21 – July 22

The Sun shines brightly at the top of your chart on MC at the Spring Equinox, making this an excellent time for you to concentrate on your wishes for your career for the year to come. Your ruler Moon is in Gemini in your 12th house at that moment, together with North Node and Mars – while money and honors are shown from your efforts, maybe something is going on behind the scenes to cause you to want to retreat or create some kind of seclusion? It’s a good idea to create a peaceful home sanctuary, since Cancer is an extra sensitive sign, it could be a comforting bath or anything to do with water since it usually soothes the fluctuating Cancer emotions. Also confiding in your female friends can help! The Moon is also in a magnificent trine or an easy, boosting aspect with the graceful Jupiter and structure supporting Saturn in Aquarius in your 8th house, making it an excellent time for you to share your perhaps up to now secret dreams for the future with others. The universe can favor those who take bold steps!

LEO July 23 – August 24

Your sign’s ruler is the Sun itself, and during March Equinox March 20, it’s shining in your 9th house of higher mind and ideals together or conjunct with Venus and Neptune, although they are in Pisces and on the 8th house side. But astrologically, you can blend the energies to bring a bright new perspective to your beliefs about life and future for the coming year. The 9th house also describes higher education in all its forms – it’s a good time to start thinking of expanding your horizons by taking up a new field of study, and it could be to do with art, beauty or metaphysical or spiritual studies with all the symbolism involved. You might also be thinking of long-distance trips along the way, and this is the time to make your plans more real by consciously stating them in any form you like. For Leo, this usually means sharing them with your circle. 

VIRGO August 25 – September 22

During the Spring Equinox March 20, the Sun shines brightly in your 8th house of both shared resources and things you might want to keep to yourself, while your ruler Mercury is in your 7th house in Pisces, making the year to come to an adventure in relationships, and how you go about sharing in all situations with your partner or spouse. Since it’s your ruler, symbolizing who you are personally that’s illuminating the relationship house, you won’t be afraid to take initiative, mostly verbally, to go after your chosen one. Settling down can be daunting to the usually always independent Virgo and the Pisces influence might result in some confusion or perhaps mixed messages especially since Venus and Neptune are in the same house as well. Try to become clearer of what you really want in a close relationship during the coming year by stating your intentions in writing, and making sure you list everything that’s important to you with your usual efficiency, and more likely than not, you’ll see them come true in the coming year. 

LIBRA September 23 – October 23

The Sun shines in your partnership house, the 7th during Spring Equinox March 20, making relationships and love the priority for you for the coming year. Relating and love are usually not far from the Libra mind, and this could be the year when settling down might be in the cards, since your ruler Venus is near the Sun, although in Virgo and technically in 6th house using the Whole Sign system this writing is based on. Since the Sun and Venus are also close or conjunct Neptune, it gives emphasis to dreamy, uplifting, romantic love. On the other hand, with 6th house involvement, a work-place romance leading to permanence might be in the cards, or you could perhaps become interested in starting a new career involving working with people in one-to-one situations, like counseling, health fields, or legal occupations. Wherever your wishes take you, make sure you state them in some way during this powerful time of the year! 

SCORPIO October 24 – November 21

With your ruler Pluto in your 3rd house and the Sun in 6th house during the Spring Equinox, work and health-related areas might be foremost on your mind. Pluto in 3rd is perhaps inviting you to make your thoughts about what’s going on currently known to others in a wider circle. Trying some kind of new communication avenue might be a good idea for you, something you’ve not tried before but secretly always wanted to do – now’s a good time to set the wheels in motion to make them more real during the coming year! Make sure you communicate them in some way, even if it’s in the form of a letter to yourself, since giving them some kind or form brings them closer to fulfillment. Your second ruler Mars is in Gemini close to your North Node and Moon, making sharing a somehow fated issue for you for the coming year. Think of it as an opportunity to make your mark!

SAGITTARIUS November 22 – December 24

With your ruler Jupiter in the 3rd house and Sun in the happy 5th house, it seems easy, fun times are in the cards even if you’re not consciously wishing for them. For the lucky sign of the zodiac, things usually fall in place. Jupiter is well placed in the altruistic Aquarius and only with good, easy aspects with Moon and North Node in Gemini in 7th house, so this seems a fated, karmic time for you to establish good communications and have fun with your partners and loved ones. Mars is also in your 7th house relationship house though, square or a little hostile to the communication planet Mercury in Pisces in 4th, giving a little cautionary note to do with how you communicate – make sure you’re accurate and don’t overstate what’s going on in any way, and you’ll be just fine. It might be a good idea to create a peaceful home environment where you can share your innermost thoughts and hopes for the coming year with your family. 

CAPRICORN December 25 – January 19

The Sun illuminates your 4th house of home and family, and it’s in a sextile or a harmonious aspect with your ruling planet Saturn in Aquarius in your 2nd house, so things are off to a good start for the coming year. Making your plans more real in the form of some kind of communication can help – Mercury the communication planet is in your 3rd house in dreamy Pisces, so try to let go of the usual Capricorn need to be in control and be systematic by letting your imagination lead the way! Maybe try word association or some kind of free-flowing brainstorming to get more ideas of how to make all that you wish for real. With Saturn in 2nd and in a trine to action-oriented Mars in Gemini in 6th house, work is flowing and the square to Uranus in Taurus in 5th simply means some road bumps on the way with finances. Try to exercise caution with speculation though, and stick to the tried and true money management, and all will be well!

AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18

With your ruler Uranus in Taurus in 4th house and the Sun in Aries in your 3rd house during Spring Equinox March 20, you could be thinking of moving, or maybe completely renovating or redecorating your home. There could be changes in your family composition, too. Uranus is sextile Mercury in Pisces in your 2nd house with Venus and Neptune, so finding the finances for the changes you might want to make at home are well within your reach. Make sure you bring them closer to reality by giving form to your dreams and plans in some way, like writing or making a recording or video. Uranus with Mercury can bring you sudden flashes of insights and ideas, and the square to Saturn in your first house can mean you have to overcome some personal blocks to meet your goals. Jupiter is also in your 1st house and ruling your 11th house of hopes, dreams and wishes, and bringing you luck in your personal endeavors. Try to be aware of any undercurrents at your career, and create a vision board of your plans. 

PISCES February 19 – March 19

The Sun shines in your 2nd house of money and values and your ruler Neptune dances in your first house in Pisces during Spring Equinox, giving you plenty of boost with your personal finances and the ability to dream to life what your plans are for the coming year. Neptune is together or conjunct with Venus in your first house too, giving you personal allure that draws others to you, perhaps from close by or persons who deal with shared finances. Other possibilities of the kinds of persons you might attract are those in metaphysical fields or deep therapies of some kind. Neptune is sextile Pluto in Capricorn in your 11th house, and square Moon in Gemini in your 4th – this might mean you find powerful friends or associates who help you with your plans and dreams, while there could be resistance from someone at home – however it would be fleeting since the Moon moves very quickly. Your second ruler Jupiter is in Aquarius in your 12th house, counterbalancing any possible delays and problems caused by Saturn there also, although it’s possible your subconscious fears hold you back. It’s important for you to believe in your dream, and create some kind of symbol of what you’d like to coming year to be – use your imagination to create it, but also bring it closer to reality by also making a concrete symbol, even if it’s a small thing or object. 

Any astrological symbolism and comments are based on a generalized form of astrology that is useful to point out large trends. If in need of complete astrological advice, contact for your individual birth chart based on your date, exact time, and place of birth. 


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