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Astrological forecast for October


Below is October forecast for each sign according to the ascendant and Sun signs, including astrological advice about how to cope with the ongoing restrictions. While the heavy transits are still ongoing, good transits also give us hope!


With Mars and October 1 Full Moon in sign, an extra surge of energy first culminates at the beginning of the month and then becomes less urgent as it retrogrades all October and into mid-November. Allow yourself to take it easy, not rushing to start new things when ideas come to you. While Saturn and Pluto might continue to slow down your career, helpful Jupiter is close to them too, touching Pluto in early November when you might hear good news that could be connected to your partner or spouse. Venus is shining in your everyday life, work and health sector, inviting the sometimes restless Aries fire sign spirit to slow down and use this month for planning. Exercise is always good to reign in the forceful Aries energy, also try to get in touch with the here and now with gardening and nature walks.


Your ruler Venus is in your play sector in Virgo for most of October, suggesting pleasant activities with kids, creating something tangible, or enjoying socializing even if it’s remotely. Taking time for simple pleasures in life is the way for your earth energy to combat COVID-19 fatigue. Even if you can’t go out to your favorite restaurants, cooking and baking home can bring you real comfort, as can gardening or just being outside in nature. While Mercury is retrograde in your partnership and marriage sector until mid-November, try not to force any long term planning there. Jupiter is bringing you help in the form a teacher or a trusted friend who can show you how to update your knowledge base and maybe gain spiritual insights toward the end of the month. The Sun in your health sector all month promises robust health, but make sure you keep up your good diet, exercise hygiene routines, more important because October 1 Full Moon also suggests the same.


Mercury, your ruler will go retrograde in mid-October highlighting your health, diet and work, and again direct November 3 from which date you’ll be able to communicate your ideas incubated while it was retrograde until the rest of the year and beyond. There might have been health-related issues, but Mercury will start catching up to Jupiter and that will offer help. Because you’re always thinking and moving, worry might have taken hold, but Jupiter in your crisis sector can mean someone offering you a helping hand, maybe a shared resource in some way. Try studying wisdom traditions or with Mars and October 1 Full Moon in your 11th house, online group exercise, or at a local venue that is safe.  Venus harmonizes your home and family life, it shows gains if involved in real estate. Mercury turning back in mid-October in your hobbies and pleasures sector might cause some temporary misunderstandings, or you could simply want to be alone, baffling your friends. As an air sign, keeping your always busy mind quiet is the key, so instead of overload, try mindfulness mediation or yoga or journaling about your thoughts and feelings.


Your personal relationships and partnerships continue to be a little stressed since both Saturn and Pluto are in that sector. Don’t fret, help is available because Jupiter is there too, catching up to Pluto slowly. It reaches it just when October ends when you can expect real help if there has been a crisis of any kind. Venus in Virgo is in your neighbors and community sector promising happy times, even if you have to do it remotely. Try learning or creating something beautiful with your words or hands also. You’re a comfort-seeking water sign, so taking long luxurious baths and pampering yourself – or letting yourself be pampered can do wonders to sagging spirits. Close family time with your mom especially usually works for Cancer persons. If you’re feeling extra emotional with the Aries full moon October 1 and have some kind of event over your career direction and where you want to go, things will calm down once it’s passed in the middle of the month.


Your ruler Sun is highlighting your communications and business acumen; it’s time to create new plans if October 1 Full Moon also there brings old plans to a head.  Since Mercury is retrograde from mid-month in your home sector, it’s possible you won’t be able to act on them until it goes direct in the beginning of next year. There might be issues with any diet, health or work situations with Saturn and Pluto in your everyday life sector, but Jupiter is also there bringing relief in the form of a helpful coworker or caring person, perhaps a professional. Venus in Virgo is in your money sector, so you can expect money or other rewards. It can be hard for the fire-sign Leo to be without the usually adoring friends circle, but if you can’t be together due to the restrictions, Mars and tin your higher mind area suggests expanding philosophically or spiritually, or taking up other higher education. You might find a helpful teacher or guide either remotely or where guidelines for COVID-19 are in place. Your fire elements can also be soothed by practicing meditation or in creativity.


The harmonious Venus is rising in your chart, giving you charm and ease this coming month. Your ruling planet Mercury in Scorpio highlights your communication skills in your immediate environment, even though it goes retrograde mid-month, when it might be good to sit back and take a breather. Uranus is in its opposite sign Taurus in your higher beliefs area, so something could come out of the blue that makes you change your mind about how the mind works and what you believe in – helpful and connected to your wellness. There might be some issues with your kids or lovers or dating life might be on hold until Jupiter catches up to Pluto in early November when there could be passionate encounters, but with Saturn so close try not to take it too seriously. As an earth sign, tending to your herbs, doing physical/spiritual exercise and following a routine are very helpful in getting your usual worry to recede. Also, helping someone in a way that makes you feel good will make you forget your churning worries. Just make sure you stay safe in the process yourself.


With Venus moving to Virgo in the beginning of the month and the Full Moon across your Ascendant/Descendant line, there could be some tension and an event with your partnerships and marriage. Mars retrograde in your partnership area as well might add to it, but since it’s now retrograde until mid-November, it might help to think of it as pulling back to contemplate, but no actual action. Take this time to plan events at home, since Jupiter is in your home sector, offering assistance and approaching Pluto and Saturn that might have caused delays and problems. Your ruling planet Venus will be friendly with them all month from your more secluded, private sector, advising you to draw on your natal Libra harmony and charm to diffuse situations. As an air sign, to cope with stresses and what could be imaginary ailments since Neptune is in your health sector, you tend to get lost in your thoughts. Indulge in anything practical that grounds you to the here and now for help with anxiety;  gardening, walks in the woods, building something with your hands, or sitting quietly letting yourself feel tired and sometimes cry. Sometimes, vigorous exercise can help to get you out of your head.


October 1 Full Moon highlights daily routines and some diet or health issues might come to light and need attention. Mars, one of your rulers in the same sector going retrograde slows you down and allows you the time to take a breather that might be all you need – Scorpios tend to work hard. Venus in your friendship area shows many friends or possibly more-than-friends are available to you remotely. These friends can help with the churning thoughts that can keep you sleepless with Saturn and Pluto both in the thoughts sector. But keep in mind, Jupiter, the good planet is approaching both planets, so help will be available; both from your own exploration of higher ideas and ideals, and from someone in your immediate environment who could be a teacher or a spiritual person. Mercury is in your rising sign, sharpening your already deep insights, though in mid-October it goes retrograde, allowing you time to digest what you’ve learned. As a water sign, you feel deeply but are often very good at hiding your emotions that might be fear-based right now – talking about them to others, opening up can be a good way to keep them in check when you realize others have those thoughts too. Try to avoid withdrawing since the Sun is in your secretive sector. Instead, try both vigorous exercises that can also be fun, like dancing – it can be done safely at home or venues that respect boundaries.


Your ruling planet Jupiter went into direct motion at the end of September, helping with your money and resources for the month of October. On its own there, Jupiter would bring you sheer good luck, but with Pluto and Saturn joining it might take some time. Venus is friendly with all 3 planets from your career sector, promising results and rewards from your career efforts later in the year. Mars is retrograde in your party and fun sector, so your social life may be quieter than the outgoing Sagittarius ways you are accustomed to. Mercury in your most secretive and reclusive sector in Scorpio might repress some of your thoughts about the ongoing pandemic, but look at it as a time for reflection and getting your thoughts and ideas in check. It goes direct mid-month when it might be a time to be more social, even if it’s remotely. The October 1 Full Moon backs up the idea of reaching out via networks. To quiet the sometimes restless fire sign energy, paradoxically strenuous exercise can help, but you also need to get grounded to the earth and feel your feelings. Starting a daily routine can help, and sticking to one subject at a time is a good idea. Try joining an online yoga group or a discussion group that focuses on feelings.


While the first of the month activates your home/career sector with a Full Moon in Aries, things can also change regarding your relationships. This is because it touches all the angles or major points in a chart. During the Full Moon, the Sun is in your 10th house and the Moon in your 4th, meaning you may be exposed to an event that marks the end of a phase, but also the beginning of another. With your ruler Saturn in your ascending sign together with Jupiter and Pluto, things rarely stay the same. Saturn did turn direct for the last time in the last days of September, so things that concern you personally can finally get moving. although it might take toward the end of the year to get more concrete results. Venus is in your area of beliefs and a higher mind, suggesting meditation and wisdom teachings can be very helpful now. Mercury will turn retrograde in mid-October for a few weeks in your networks and friends sector; try to start new plans before it, then let the ideas incubate while it’s retrograde. This retrograde will turn direct at the beginning of November. As an earth sign, Capricorn tends to see things as either-or, and prefers tangible results that might be tinged with pessimism. To help, try getting to your feelings and letting them flow with the help of music; being near the ocean or other water bodies, and simply letting yourself cry. You may be surprised at how much better you’ll feel afterward.


As an Aquarius, the air element makes you a thinker who likes to operate outside the box. Your ‘old’ ruler Saturn is in your secrets area together with Pluto and Jupiter, indicating the possibility of long-held secrets coming to light, possibly at home since with the ‘new’ ruler Uranus in the family and home sector. But all ends well since the great benefactor Jupiter is there too.  You might adapt quite well to staying home and only getting your often trailblazing ideas to the world via the web – shown by both Mars in your communications and business sector and the Full Moon across the two ‘mind’ houses or sectors. Venus is harmonizing your shared resources sector showing you might receive money through a partnership.  To find rest from your mind that’s always churning as an air sign, try both tiring your body with vigorous exercise or movement, and letting your emotions out with the help of emotionally moving music, film or books, or try mediation and breathing exercises.


During October, your two rulers, Neptune and Jupiter are both strong with Neptune in your first and Jupiter in your 11th house with Pluto and Saturn. You might be a little confused about all the goings-on and how they affect you personally, but also about how your friendship and group circles respond to the current health crisis – Some simply ignore it, while others take precautions to the nth degree. But Jupiter will slowly catch up to Pluto and Saturn all October to uplift your friends and groups. Venus in your relationship and marriage sector promises a loving, harmonious month that also could help with conflicting issues with friends and networks. Mars is in your money sector but retrograde, so avoid starting new ventures – something might have come to an end regarding finances around the Full Moon October 1. As a water sign, you’re naturally very much in touch with your emotions and have a fantastic imagination – the only problem is you can start imagining and believing in your worst fears. Anything that grounds you to the here and now is a good remedy – try studying something that requires facts and figures or reading concrete ideas of how to organize and manage your life. Also try gardening and nature walks, barefoot if possible. Practice standing your ground by not accepting every request that comes your way.

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