21st Annual Delaware Youth Center River Run



CALLICOON, NY — Man, I don’t see how these folks can do it.

On Sunday, July 21, the Delaware Youth Center held their 21st Annual River Run along River Road, which runs beside the banks of the Upper Delaware River.

With temperatures expected to top a blistering 90 degrees later in the afternoon, the race organizers played it smart. The runners lined up at the starting line at 8:15 a.m. sharp, in a move designed to beat at least some of the heat.

And then the race was on, featuring nearly 500 registered runners divided into several classes: 5K run, 10K run, 5K walk, further separated at the finish line into men and women, plus a masters category for both genders.

The overall winner in the 5K with a time of 18:26.03 was 19-year old Ayden Gann, a 2016 grad of Sullivan West who now competes in cross-country at Vasser College.

Gann began his track and field career as a seventh grader at the Home of the Bulldogs, under the tutelage of the school’s legendary coach Ron Bauer, who happened to be on hand for his 21st season volunteering at the popular River Run race.

While at Sullivan West, Gann earned his spurs in the 400m, 800m, 1,600m and “sometimes the two mile” at 3,200m. As a college scholar athlete, he recently placed 11th in the 800m at the national qualifiers in Ohio, missing the cut-off mark by fractions of a second.

Reflecting on his high school career, Gann said of Coach Bauer, “He was always great… He’s been doing it for so long. I learned a lot from him, and the love of running.”

And of the race itself?

“It’s always a fun one, I’m so excited to be here.”

Not to be outdone was Tallula Gann, a grad of Sullivan West’s Class of 2018, who finished 16th overall in the 5K at 21:40.09. In the fall, Tallula will be competing in track at Occidental College, a private liberal arts institution of higher learning out in the City of Angels.

The Ganns are a running family, and while not exactly hot on the heels of his kids, their father James Gann placed second overall in the masters’ age group in the 10K at 44:15.67.

“I’m not bad for my age,” said the 48-year-old father of a couple of local high school track stars.

As the races wound down and the walkers neared the finish line, Coach Bauer, now on the eve of 50-plus years at the helm of Sullivan West’s football and track teams, said of his long-time association with the yearly River Runs, “I do it for the kids... It’s a great chance for the cross-country kids to get ready, and it’s great fundraiser for the youth center.”

Back in 2003, Doug Woods of Callicoon Center was involved in a winter rescue on Mount Washington. This year, Woods was a bit warmer, as he was running with his 21-year-old daughter Bristol who garnered 128th overall in the 5K at 31:34.36, while her father clocked 46th at 24:06.64.

 “I like running with him,” said Bristol.

Asking her father to compare the heights of a winter-bound summit to running along River Road in the summer, he replied, “It was cold and windy up there, today it’s hot and humid.”

April Rutledge of Eqinunk, PA crossed the finish line with her 16-month old daughter Riley in hand, picking up 22nd place in the 10K at 52:38.00.

“It was tough to compete… I just grabbed her at the end,” said Rutledge, noting that on Saturday morning, July 20, she ran in a race in Deposit, NY under even higher temps, adding, “It was brutal.”

Ed O’Malley was perhaps one of the more senior runners out there on Sunday, and was sporting a vintage “Lander’s Dash & Splash” t-shirt from some 35 years ago. “It’s good exercise,” said the 66-year old rnner. “You see a lot of people you know on the circuit.” O’Malley finished 83rd overall in the 5K at 27:38.97.

After all was said and done, race director Ann Santoro shared a few thoughts about the 21st Annual River Run, the largest fundraiser for the Delaware Youth Center, which expects to reach a stated goal of $15,000.

“It was an amazing turnout, especially considering the weather,” she said. “I have been directing the race for 12 years, and it has grown substantially over that time. We always strive to improve our event… We are truly thankful for all the support.”

Results of the 21st Annual Delaware Youth Center (DYC) River Run

5K run (male):

1. Ayden Gann 18:26.03

2. Luke Webster 18:51.79

3. Frazer Swindells 19:02.50

4. David McCabe 19:21.44

5. Harrison Simon 19:32.86

6. Michael Parlapiano 19:59.37

7. John Ferris 20:25.00

8. Patrick Branning 20:30.79

9. Elijah Nudell-Cook 20:42.55

10. Andrew Rosenburg 20:46.02


5K run (female):

1. Lisa Deguzman 20:17.02

2. Tallula Gann 21:40.09

3. Christa Tyler 21:49.64

4. Kristen Johnson 23.00.91

5. Alaina Keller 23:13.67

6. Michele Walutes 24:06.11

7. Leiani Mason 24:17.23

8. Zoe Bridges 24:24.81

9. Jordan McClitchy 24:45.78

10. Risa Fischman 24:54.98


5K run masters (male):

1. David McCabe 19:21.44

2. Michael Parlapiano 19:59.37

3. John Ferris 20:25.00

4. Steve Firmstone 21:36.96

5. Steven Keller 21:46.44

6. John McPeecke 23:22.07

7. Doug Woods 24:06.64

8. Boris Boroda 24:17.13

9. George Ackermann 24:34.64

10. Rosario Gennaro 25:23.36


5K run masters (female):

1. Lisa Deguzman 20:17.02

2. Michele Walutes 24:06.11

3. Zoe Bridges 24:24.81

4. Donna Ackermann 25:27.59

5. Kristin Tufo 26:19.51

6. Kristy Sigelakis 26:26.18

7. Betsy Fitzpatrick 26:39.57

8. Lindsay Bruce 27:02.05

9. Jenny O’Day 27:48.27

10. Patricia Dannic 28:02.77


5K walk (male):

1. Martin Nowak, Jr. 36:51.69

2. Skip Gabel 38:56.53

3. James Goldfarb 39:32.45

4. Ken Cohen 39:49.89

5. Christopher Marcella 42:19.73

6. OrshiBoldis 42:52.75

7. James Greier 49:17.81

8. Rom Reimer 51:07.63

9. Mark Shirdon 53:04.57

10. Scott Steuber 53:52.10


5K walk (female):

1. Helen Rados 39.10.36

2. Karen Ufret 40:14.04

3. Matilda Gardner 42:51.29

4. Karen Garritt 44:24.02

5. Amy Laffey 46:00.73

6. Catherine Mickelson 46:38.93

7. Carmen Rivera 48:32.70

8. Jillian Sager 48:09.17

9. Rebecca Brewer 49:09.17

10. Cheryl Stauch 51:22.82


5K walk masters (male):

1. Martin Nowak, Jr. 36:51.68

2. Skip Gabel 38:56.53

3. James Goldfarb 39:32.45

4. Ken Cohen 39:49.89

5. Christopher Marcella 42:19.73

6. OrshiBoldis 42:52.75

7. James Greier 49:17.81

8. Tom Reimer 51:07.53

9. Mark Shirdon 53:04.57

10. Rosario Gennaro 25:23.36


5K walk masters (female):

1. Helen Rados 39:10.36

2. Karen Ufret 40:14.04

3. Karen Garritt 44:24.02

4. Amy Laffey 46:00.73

5. Catherine Mickelson 46:38.93

6. Carmen Rivera 48:32.70

7. Cheryl Stauch 51:22.82

8. Kathleen Digiovanni 51:23.33

9. Debbie Reimer 51:23.47

10. Regina Stabbert 51:46.31


10K run (male):

1. Conal Mullan 40:54.51

2. Luis Gonzalez 41:37.01

3. John Sellstrom 41:48.25

4. Brendan Mullan 41:54.37

5. James Gann 44:15.67

6. RandalkBushart 44:16.38

7. Erick Sellstrom 46:09.52

8. Jay Montgomery 47:58.38

9. Joshua Nolan 48:05.89

10. Dwayne Brown 49:25.01


10K run (female):

1. Jennifer Nolan 41:57.39

2. Tina Hart 46:23.80

3. Kate Susman 47:43.84

4. Kerri Devaney 48:38.63

5. Sarah Kate Wagner 51:18.50

6. Kathy Purtell 52:37.85

7. April Rutledge 52:38.00

8. Angela Dutcher 52:50.64

9. Andrea Wagner 53:59.97

10. Hilary Colenso 54:59.30


10K run masters (male):

1. John Sellstrom 41:48.25

2. James Gann 44:15.67

3. Randal Bushart 44:16.38

4. Erick Sellstrom 46:09.52

5. Jay Montgomery 47:58.38

6. Joshua Nolan 48:05.89

7. Dwayne Brown 49:25.01

8. Jeff Mannino 50:27.90

9. James Harrison 51:30.67

10. Bob Waterman 55:23.91


10K run masters (female):

1. Kerri Devaney 48:38.63

2. Kathy Purtell 52:37.85

3. Angela Dutcher 52:50.64

4. Hilary Colenso 54:59.30

5. Jackie Rutledge 55:57.79

6. Marian Harrison 58:11.26

7. Kate Bryant 58:52.06

8. Kathy Dreger 1:02:25.98

9. Naom Forter 1:02:36.17

10. Jennifer Arnold 1:04:44.47


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