TRR photos by Ted Waddell

Action and reaction: Liberty’s Roy Penn Cosentino and Sullivan West’s Brendan Cardona. Cosentino posted 25 points.

Indians ‘pound’ Dawgs

LIBERTY, NY — If you post 30-something turnovers, you’d better play some serious hoops if you expect to win.

On Friday, December 1, the visiting Bulldogs of Sullivan West were pounded as they took on the home team Liberty Indians (1-0), who won their season opener 76-34.

The Dawgs were outpaced and outgunned in every frame, and in a nutshell didn’t help their cause by the number of turnovers the opposition converted into points on scoreboard.

Not to say all those turnovers could have been 60 for Sullivan West (1-2), but you get the idea.

Outpaced, outgunned and far too many el balón perdidos, but at least it wasn’t even close to NBA turnover record-holder Karl Malone, who was tagged with a total of 4,524 during his 19-year career with the Utah Jazz and L.A. Lakers.

Turnovers ain’t necessarily fair play, and getting outgunned doesn’t mean you are outclassed.

Liberty went on a 10-point streak in the first frame, which basically set the tone for the rest of the match, as they out-posted the Dawgs in all four periods: 19-4, 19-8, 24-16 and 14-6, leading Sullivan West 38-12 at the half.

John Meyer is back for his third season as coach of the Bulldogs.

“We didn’t give up, we played hard… I’ve just got to get my guys to always remember to run their offense… we’ve got to play who we are,” he said, noting he has a lot of younger players in different positions this year.

Meyer’s goals for 2017-2018?

“We have to do things smart, have to take care of the basketball… just get better every game and work on the fundamentals.”

Brandon Dailey, one of Sullivan West’s power hitters in baseball, suited up for the game of hoops.

“Turnovers killed us… we’ve got to cut those down,” he said.

Goals for the season?

Make sectionals, and “as long as we work as a team, the sky’s the limit,” said Dailey.

Liberty: Jerlyn Hernandez (26 pts.), Roy Penn Cosentino (25 pts, including three 3s). Also posting 3s: Ashton Barrett (2), Bobby Mcleod (1), Jeremiah Olmo (1).

Sullivan West: Kyle Reimer (10 pts. Including two 3s), Brandon Dailey (9 pts. including a 3).

Stats from the FTL: Liberty 5/11 (45%), SW 1/2 (50%).

Justen Mills is in his second year as coach of the Indians.

He noted that he has a lot of individual athletes on the team, adding, “We just have to learn how to work together.”

“We executed well, and hope to win a championship this year,” said 16-year-old junior co-captain Bobby Mcleod.

Eighteen-year Jose Bayron takes to the court as the other co-captain.

“We want to win a championship, and as long we stay together, I think we will do that.”


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