'Great wings were there'




*This poem is reprinted from "Journey to Red Hill" by Inez George Ridley, published by CRS OUTLOUDBOOKS.

Since the last week of February, turkey vultures have been soaring above the Delaware River at Narrowsburg, especially at dusk. But a careful look reveals that now, increasing numbers of the big birds we see are eagles.

Some children I know were so excited to see one of them that I emailed them this poem by Inez George Gridley, former Town of Neversink historian.

Playground Incident*

The eagle soared above the playground
with his mate.
For a silent space
Babel was stilled and every face
Tipped back to watch.
The white head gleamed
Catching the rays of thin December air.
There were no vapor trails
No ferns of fog
Growing in forests of blue air.
But for a soundless time -
(Remember this!)
Great wings were there.


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