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No one should have to live on $12.50 an hour, which is the legal minimum wage in NY, outside of metro NYC -- where the hourly wage is $15. Reported August 24, 2021: under the tenure of Mayor de Blasio, Carlina Rivera and the NY City Council, the median monthly rental for a one-bedroom apartment in NYC's five boroughs has climbed to $2,810. Should Sullivan County's dislocated farmworkers look there for jobs? Can the foie gras farms diversify -- let alone in three short years? Big Agra is burying small farms in state and elsewhere. The foie gras farmers, small by Big Agra standards, have another operation -- Hudson Valley Chicken, a regional supplier of organic chickens, and they have bucked Big Agra's model. HV Chicken is one of the only facilities in the Northeast providing poultry for processing for even smaller farmers and the birds are returned USDA certified. Almost 200 small chicken farms depend on HVFG. NYS Assemblywoman, Donna LuPardo (D-Broome), chair of the state agriculture committee, has expressed serious concern about the viability of Hudson Valley Chicken, its 60 workers, and those 200 small poultry farmers -- if the NYC foie gras ban stands. Dislocation on top of dislocation.

From: Part III: The wheat from the chaff

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