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To me, the perfect weekend consists of a balance of doing three things: something relaxing, something productive, and something fun. This past weekend achieved that balance. 

I started out Friday night checking something off my to-do list, which seems as if it's constantly on my to-do list: laundry. I went to my parent's house to do it, since I'm a poor millennial with no washing machine. Never missing an opportunity to go out to eat, my mom and I went to the Heron. We split the vegetarian roast farro and the caramelized onion mac and cheese. Both were delicious. I realized the Heron has the best ambiance in the area: candlelight and a killer soundtrack. After dinner we went back home where my mom forced me to watch MSNBC; Rachel Maddow was on. She's really cool and smart, a great inspiration.

Saturday I went to the city for the day. My boyfriend and his family have a stand at the Union Square Green Market. His sister was here visiting with her 1-and-a-half year old twins, Mason and Marilynn (we call her Lynnie). They are the absolute cutest. I got to spend the day with them; it was a beautiful fall day in the city. There was a Standing Rock protest in Union Square, probably hundreds of people, chanting "We stand with Standing Rock."

Saturday night after returning from the city I got dinner with my friend Julia and her mom at the Heron. I even sat at the same table as the night before. Julia is a childhood friend; her family is from Connecticut but they have a country house next to my house in PA. Julia has just spent a year teaching English in Japan. I got to hear some of her stories about their culture that is very different than ours. In a few months she will go to Napal, she received the Fulbright Scholarship to teach English there. Currently, her boyfriend is in Delhi, India. It is the most polluted city on earth. Her boyfriend is working for a company that is bringing affordable air filters to people, as right now only the rich can afford air filters in their homes.

After dinner Julia and I met up with some friends to play pool at Sidetracks in Callicoon.

Sunday I got some good ol' R & R. I spent the day just lounging around, then I went to the grocery store and made dinner: mac and cheese with caramelized onions and butternut squash, and Timmy made roasted root veggies. It was good. After dinner I read some magazines. There was an article in Vogue about Brigitte Bardot that was interesting. She started a lot of trends and broke societal rules about how a woman should dress. For instance, she went to a fancy club in Paris wearing a military jacket, jeans, and her hair down, when it was a requirement that women wear dresses and their hair in a chignon. Luckily, Bardot and other women paved the way for our freedoms today.

So, there you have it: productive, fun, relaxing.

Don't forget to vote tomorrow. It has never been more important. PSA: The New York Times is dropping its paywall so people can look at the election coverage. Take advantage of this service. Be informed.


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