Lackawaxen man sentenced for armed robbery

District Attorney Janine Edwards announced that Moses McCrary III was sentenced to 31 months to 10 years in a State Correctional Institute today, by President Judge Raymond L. Hamill. McCrary, age 21 of Lackawaxen, PA, pleaded guilty on September 6, 2017, to Robbery (F1) and Resisting Arrest (M2).

This incident occurred on February 13, 2017, in Texas Township, Wayne County, at approximately 4:45 a.m. Three individuals, Moses McCrary III (the defendant), Ryan Karpovich, and Zack Williams, broke into an apartment being rented by Andrew Zuidema and Kayla Carper. Entry to the apartment was gained by McCrary using the butt of a shotgun to break the sliding glass back door. McCrary, Karpovich, and Williams broke into the apartment with the intent to steal cash and controlled substances which they believed were stored in the apartment. Present in the apartment at the time of the break-in were Kayla Carper, Andrew Zuidema, and two minor children. Also present was Stephanie Zeiser, a friend of Carper. When McCrary, Karpovich and Williams broke into the apartment they were dressed in dark clothes and wore masks. McCrary was armed with a loaded Mossberg 12-gauge shotgun. Karpovich was armed with a long gun. Williams was armed with a baseball bat. It was later determined by the State Police that the long gun carried by Karpovich was a pellet rifle.

District Attorney Janine Edwards stated, “This is a perfect example of the dangers that follow drug dealing. Marijuana drug dealing is not a victimless crime. Here McCrary endangered two children and at least two innocent bystanders. The use of firearms in drug related crimes in the past resulted in mandatory minimum prison sentences. There is currently action taking place to reinstate mandatory minimums when a firearm is used in a crime.”


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