Andrew Dustin OTT, age 23 of Equinunk, PA charged with two Counts of Delivery of Heroin (F) and two (2) Counts of Criminal Use of   Communication Facility (F3). Bail was set at $85,000.00.

Five arrested for drug offences in Wayne

Patrick L. Robinson, Wayne County District Attorney, announced that five (5) alleged drug dealers have been charged by the Wayne County Drug Task Force. They are: Bridget Nicole FOUNTAIN, age 36 of Forest City; Andrew Dustin OTT, age 23 of Equinunk; Zachary Alan CANFIELD, age 23 of Equinunk; Elijah M. WATSON, age 30 of Pike County; Connie Lynn MCKEEBY, age 24 of Lake Ariel.

The charges are the result of an ongoing investigation by the Wayne County Drug Task Force into the sale of Heroin in Wayne County. These charges are for incidents that occurred in October, 2017. Additional charges connected with this investigation are expected in the near future.

Canfield, Fountain, and Ott are in custody. Elijah M. Watson and Connie Lynn McKeeby are wanted. Anyone with any information on the current whereabouts of Watson and McKeeby should call the Wayne County Drug Task Force at (570)-253-4912.

District Attorney Robinson said, “The Opioid/Heroin crisis must be addressed by treatment, education, and prosecution. I fully support treatment for the addicted and prevention by education. However, the only direct action that the District Attorney’s Office can take is to investigate, arrest, prosecute, and incarcerate these Heroin dealers. That we will continue to do to the best of our ability”.

Robinson also said, “A recent case, unrelated to the 5 arrests made today, illustrates the typical drug case in Wayne County. There the defendant and co-defendant would travel to Patterson, NJ on a daily basis and purchase approximately 200 bags of heroin for $520.00. In total, the defendant and co-defendant would make anywhere from $600.00 to $800.00 per day, which they would then split equally. The defendant used the majority of the money earned to support the defendant’s own habit. At that time, the defendant was using 50 bags of heroin daily, if not more. This, in my opinion, is a slow form of suicide. A suicide that endangers not only the drug dealer, but our entire community. The citizens of Wayne County can play a significant role in addressing the Opioid/Heroin Crisis in Wayne County by reporting suspicious drug related activity to the Wayne County Drug Task Force “Tip Line”. TEXT 570-391-0657



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