TRR photos by Scott Rando

A male eagle is seen in its flight enclosure at the Delaware Valley Raptor Center just before being taken to a release site. Various types of perch are placed in the enclosure for eagles to fly back and forth to. This is also a tool for rehabilitators to assess the ability for eagles to perch from flight and “hit its mark.”

Storm-injured eagle goes back into the wild

During the spring of this year, the region experienced an outbreak of severe weather in the form of thunderstorms that spawned tornadoes in a couple of locations and damaging winds in many other areas.

File photo

Fall on the Henry’s Fork

Fall in the Rocky Mountain West arrives early, especially at elevations above 5,000 feet. So it was no surprise to find aspens along the banks of the Henry’s Fork in southern Idaho ablaze with yellow when we arrived in Island Park. It was mid-September.

TRR photos by Sandy Long

Guttation is the secretion of watery droplets from the tips of the leaves of plants that have vascular systems. The result can be quite beautiful to observe, as in the glistening pearls depicted on this strawberry plant.

Water wonders

When water is scarce, when wells run dry and rivers run low, we are reminded of the essential value of this irreplaceable natural resource.

Learn how to save seeds

MONTICELLO, NY — The Dirt Diva, Adrianne Picciano, a professional gardener, will offer a hands-on seed saving class at the Ethelbert B. Crawford Public Library  on Wednesday, October 2 at 5:30 p.m. The course will demonstrate the proper techniques for indoor and outdoor spring sowing to get a head start on the growing season.

TRR photos by Scott Rando

This is a close-up of a broad-winged hawk perched on a telephone line near my home during mid-August. This species breeds in our region, and many have been seen or heard during the summer months.

Early migrants of fall

Fall has just arrived, and with it comes the start of the fall migration for many birds.

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You can hunt for signs of beaver at a Romping Radishes event this weekend at Lacawac Sanctuary.

Upcoming events at Lacawac

LAKE ARIEL, PA — There are upcoming events at the Lacawac Sanctuary for people of all ages. For the over-18 set, there’s the “Science of Brewing Craft Beer Dinner” on Thursday, September 20 at 6 p.m. at the Wallenpaupack Brewing Company, 73 Welwood Ave., Hawley. Fuel your passion for all things locally produced while helping Lacawac Sanctuary.



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