Guided nature walk

BETHEL, NY — Join the Delaware Highlands Conservancy for a free guided Nature Walk on Saturday, August 19 from 2 to 4 p.m. The walk is held on the Conservancy’s woodland trail located within its Bethel, NY property—119 acres of conserved farm and forest land.

TRR photos by Scott Rando

This mink was rolling around when I first saw it, maybe trying to bask in what little sun was trying to sneak through a low-level stratus layer. They are more active at night and early mornings but can be seen during the day. 

The mind of a mink

I was walking along a lake on a Pennsylvania Game Land tract a few days back when I saw a dark furry shape in some grass not too far off. It was rolling around on its back in the dew-laden grass, seemingly without a care in the world.

TRR photos by Sandy Long

This beetle got a lift back to its natural habitat after finding itself stranded in my home. To relocate an insect, grab a cup and a card, or a sturdy piece of junk mail. Calmly place the cup over the insect, carefully slide the card underneath to gently trap the bug, then relocate it outdoors. As frightening as insects can sometimes appear, they are usually harmless and would like to be left alone. 

Don't bash that bug!

A big black beetle crawls across your kitchen floor as you patter past in your bare feet. A sense of panic sets in. What to do? Smash it to smithereens? NO! NO! NO! Despite their sometimes frightful appearance, insects are fascinating and wonderful creatures, often harmed out of fear and a lack of knowledge.

Contributed photo

Watercolor by Steven Weinberg 

Trout paintings on exhibit

LIVINGSTON MANOR, NY — The Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum (CFFCM), 1031 Old Rte. 17, is displaying an exhibit of paintings of trout by watercolorist Steven Weinberg in the Wulff Gallery. The exhibition will remain through September 5, including during Summerfest on August 5 and 6.

Trout stocking program open

SULLIVAN COUNTY, NY — The Sullivan County Water and Soil Conservation District has started its annual trout stocking program. If you are interested in stocking your pond with trout, fathead minnows, or crawfish this fall, the district will be accepting orders until Monday, September 18. Rainbow and brook trout are being offered for sale.

This green frog has ridges down each side of its back, evident even under water. Both green frogs and bullfrogs share the main indicator of sex: in a male, the tympanum (ear) is much wider than the eye, and a female has a tympanum of equal size or slightly smaller than the eye. This is a female.

True frogs and ‘bull’ frogs

A month or so back, I was on a bird walk and we passed a small shallow pond. A frog was spotted on the far side of the pond, a little too far for a close look with binoculars. It looked like it could have been a green frog. Someone said, “That’s a bullfrog, it’s got a green head and brown back!” Was he right or wrong?



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