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Outdoor spring cleaning

Maintaining an organized, squeaky clean home and property can be a challenge, especially in winter. Cold weather keeps us from venturing into the yard, basement, or garage, allowing dirt, grime and clutter to pile up. That’s why spring is always a welcome break, a time of renewal that comes with an impulse to tackle spring cleaning, indoors and out.

Here are some tips to help you get started.

1.  Clean your windows and replace cracked or loose panes.

2.  Replace storm windows with screens.

3.  Inspect your deck or porch area for winter damage; power wash and renew the surface with paint or stain.

4.  Clean out or replace outside planters and window boxes.

5.  Check the yard and property for any winter storm debris like tree branches or broken limbs.

6.  Clear out the garage and sweep or vacuum the floor, then wash with a bucket of one part detergent and one part hot water.

7.  Install extra lighting in the garage and basement so that everything you keep there can be seen.

8.  Toss out empty or dried-out paint cans, broken garden tools and hoses.

9.  Repaint or replace garage and basement doors.

10.  Add extra tool storage space to your basement or garage with pegboard panels and hooks.

11.  Create added storage space in the basement or garage by adding large hooks to hold bikes, kayaks and other large sports gear.

12.  Reuse empty coffee cans by nailing to the wall to hold small hand tools.

13.  Take out your lawn furniture and wash frames, replace or recover cushions if needed.

14.  Get out the grill and check to see if it is clean and in working order.

15.  Repair, paint, or replace trellises and fencing.

16.  Make sure your air conditioner is in working order.

17.  Use a large, clean trash can in the yard or garage to store children’s outdoor toys.

18.  Attach a nylon hammock across one corner of the garage to store sporting goods like balls, sticks, gloves and gear in one place.

19.  Throw out any sporting goods that are no longer in good shape.










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