The remains of a raccoon along the Delaware River.

Expressions of impermanence

The natural world offers endless expressions of wonder, many of which we share here with TRR readers. Learning about the lives of the flora and fauna we coexist with in the Upper Delaware River region connects us in ways that illuminate our understanding of “other” and “self.” We observe and participate in the cycle of life and are invited to contemplate beginnings, growth, maturity, decline and endings.

The remnant of a cecropia moth wing.

As a poet and photographer, I probe these experiences with pen and lens. Recently, I’ve been sharing an exchange with the beloved and beautiful Christine San Jose. Experience Christine’s enchanting voice and perceptive perspective on poetry during her show, “Along the Poet’s Row,” on our region’s public radio station WJFF every Saturday at 11 a.m. It is part of Rosie Starr’s delightful show, “Farm and Country,” which can also be found at Hooray for community publications and media outlets!

The following poem was inspired by Christine and a conversation we had about the inevitability of impermanence. The photos in this column pay tribute to that part of the cycle.


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