TRR photos by Scott Rando

Halfway through winter

We have passed the halfway point of winter, and the busy holiday season is behind us. This is what some people describe as the winter doldrums, and perhaps a few cases of “cabin fever” are setting in. For some of us, spring cannot come soon enough.

Winter holds some fine opportunities for viewing the habitat from a unique perspective; this is the time to try out those new snowshoes or cross-country skis. Assorted critters will leave their tracks in the snow; you may see bobcat tracks, or the imprint of an owl pouncing on a mouse in your travels.

We have winter visitors that come from the north. The wintering eagles that come down from Canada are well known in the region, but there are also raptors like rough-legged hawks and short-eared and snowy owls that can be seen in some areas as well. Speaking of eagles, golden eagles are also around during the winter months. Binoculars will help as they may appear similar to immature bald eagles from a distance.

Spring will be here soon, but enjoy some winter treats in the meantime. Many organizations have winter hikes, trips or bird-watching expeditions, and it’s more fun to enjoy the outdoors with other people. Dress warm and enjoy! 


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