TRR photos by Sandy Long

Squirreling around

Somehow, Squirrel Appreciation Day sneaked past me on January 21st without the proper praise the occasion warrants. So belatedly, I celebrate the clever, cute and captivating rodents that rob many a feathered friend of its food sources at backyard feeders and suet blocks, while entertaining us with their squirrely antics.

Squirrels are known for their ample acrobatics, as well as the finesse they display when navigating through the forested habitats they prefer. My house is surrounded by a mix of mostly hemlocks, white pines and oaks, all of which provide a network of launch and landing points for the squirrels that share my home ground. 

The skill with which they leap and sail through the sky is impressive. Their industriousness as they prepare for winter and the hardiness displayed on frosty days is inspiring. 

If like me, you missed the chance to throw your favorite backyard rodent a little party of appreciation, there is plenty of time to plan your celebration of this year’s Squirrel Appreciation Month, which takes place in October. 


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