Our Country Home - Summer 2017

It’s been a long, cool spring; a traditional spring—an almost normal spring. And in that time, amid the anticipation and excitement of summer’s approach, the joy and chore of gardening is in full swing for many of us. 
If your situation is anything like mine—more “chore” and less “joy”—then why not do something easy, like planting flowers that are so comfortable here that they grow wild—whether because they evolved here, or were imported and loved it. You can read here about the history and lore of some of these wildflowers, find out why many are not actually “wild.”

Can’t afford a greenhouse? Then consider the cold frame. I like to call it the “poor man’s greenhouse.” It’s very effective, and writer/builder Joe Cooke will not only tell you why, he’s also shared ideas on creating a 10-foot-long cold frame for under $100.  
If things “always look greener on the other side,” then maybe your neighbors are rolling their lawns. Annemarie Schuetz’s article, “Tending the Green Sea,” is filled with tips and tricks on bettering your home turf. I’ve already followed one of them—”sharing the wealth” to great success.
Perhaps you’d rather forgo “tending the green…” and instead fill your yard with various easy-care groundcovers. Fortunate you! Wallis Brandt has interviewed several area gardeners, all professionals, who have graced us with their knowledge and recommendations for covering your yard with lawn substitutes—those attractive and sometimes even fragrant low-growing plants that won’t need any mowing.
And in the spare time that no mowing brings, follow along as one “master” gardener shares her expertise and love for all things floral—including tips and tools of the trade. From seedlings to saplings, petals to pots, learn how you too, can create a country bouquet in Jonathan Fox’s “How does your garden grow?”

Here’s wishing everyone a happy and healthy gardening and landscaping season!

— Ramona Jan
Section editor


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