Our Country Home Spring 2017

With the promise of spring comes a time to consider rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection and re-growth even in our country homes. This first issue of 2017 is all about building, buying and renovating, particularly as it pertains to first rites.

Are you thinking of starting a new business or buying a first home? I quizzed two experts, Gina Molinet and Lynne Carlin, of RM Farm Realty in Livingston Manor, NY, for their tips on what to look for during real estate tours, both residential and commercial. It’s handy stuff I wish I had known about when I bought my house. Perhaps you want to “grow your own home,” as in building it from the ground up. If so, check out Annemarie Schuetz’s article on Jeffrey McMahon, and discover how he and his design team build green homes with a connection to land and community.

Renewals can come in many forms, including DIY home renovations. A visit to your local hardware store, says writer Wallis Brandt, will not only supply you with the right tools, but proprietors there are also apt to help you with some sound advice. And sometimes that advice includes hiring a professional.

If you haven’t re-birthed yourself as a carpenter quite yet, there are plenty of able contractors ready to help you. They’ve told their stories from “life on the job” to “what to look for in a contractor” in an article by our newest writer, Joe Cooke—a must-read for new and old homeowners alike.

Our cover story, “Artists in Residence,” by Jonathan Charles Fox, follows the work of two amazing artists with a bent for interior design—Walter Kenul and Janet Rutkowski—as they turn a once active stable into their 1,400-square-foot dream home. 

Ramona Jan
Section editor


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