Our Country Home - Late Summer 2018

“Nothing gold can stay” wrote Robert Frost in his poem by the same name, about summer turning into fall. I believe that most of us would love to prolong the summer and fall seasons. Maybe we can: By following the tips in “Fall: a time to grow," you can get started planting perennial seeds and plants to make your garden burgeon next spring, and even plant some late-season vegetables you can still harvest before winter. At the same time, it’s best to prepare for the inevitable with the help of Barbara Winfield’s “21 late-summer tips for keeping your home in shape”.

As the seasons change, we’ll be spending more and more time within the walls of our own homes. Why not pepper those walls with some brightly colored artwork that reminds us of the out-of-doors? Artist Mef Gannon, makes the most unusual multi-media tapestries that would surely perk up even the most forlorn of spirits. And when it comes to setting the stage for a warm, welcoming, cozy indoors to spend the winter in, there's probably no single element of room construction that can have more impact than the right flooring. Check out Annemarie Schuetz’s “A beautiful world, underfoot” and “A new life for old fabric” to discover the latest in technology—and beauty—in flooring, and “Stan the Rug Man,” who weaves throw rugs to bedizen those floors.

And when it comes to creating a whole house that embraces your needs: Bethel, NY resident Lee Karasik has managed the impossible! He’s built a home from the ground up that accommodates individuals with special needs and meets new construction building guidelines put forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act. It was a daunting task, and our very own Jonathan Charles Fox followed Karasik's journey from pouring the foundation to hanging the drapes in what may be the very first brand new ADA-compliant home in Sullivan County. It’s golden!

— Ramona Jan

Section editor


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