Our Country Home - Late Summer 2017

Ever go wandering from room to room only to forget why? This third issue of 2017’s Our Country Home is all about tools and tech—including how some of today’s techy-tools in what’s called a “smart house” may just help you find what you’re looking for. Smart houses can also help you take care of your aging parents (without being there), secure the family jewels, tell you if something’s about to go sour in the fridge and much more. Read all about it in Joe Cooke’s “House of the Future.”

After you’ve pondered what all your tomorrows might bring, take a look at some garden gizmos from the past and see how many of them you can identify in “Bygone Garden Tools.” A lot of them are even making a comeback. Wallis Brandt has done her research in explaining the old vs. new. Speaking of tools, ever hear of The Human Tool? Neither did I, until I met Jaquel Theis. Watching her organize an artist’s workspace was not only educational, it was awe inspiring. Everything you want to know about The Human Tool—including what a human tool is— is hammered out in our interview.

One of our newest writers, Andre Turan, also happens to be the personal trainer to Jared Kaufman of P.N. Fire & Burglar Alarm Company. The company’s history is a story of hard work and family ties that started in Brooklyn and eventually rooted itself in Monticello, NY. Find out how three generations of Kaufmans have managed to keep many of us safe in meeting the many challenges involved with changing technology in “Securing Our Community.” And then take a shower. 

After reading Annemarie Schuetz’s piece on fantasy showers, I want one. You will, too. A smart house, complete with a security system, all the latest garden tools, a reclining shower, and a weekly visit from The Human Tool—is that too much to ask?

Ramona Jan 


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