Our Country Home, Late Fall 2018/Early Winter 2019

“An Autumn sky; the color of peaches…,” begins a poem by Michael McClintock on the approach of winter and, though it’s a beautiful thought, it truly makes me wonder just how I can extend the summer. One approach is indoor gardening. Master Gardener Patti Zins suggests plants that thrive in homes and are easy-care even for a novice. In Zindoor Gardens, she photographed her personal indoor garden and shared tips and links to online forums worth investigating. Also worth looking into is Barbara Winfield’s essential list on getting your home ready for winter, inside and out.
One winter worry for many of us might be mice. In “Unhoused Mouse,” Joe Cooke consulted Robert Morris from Let Us Spray on how to keep the little critters out of our homes during the cold season using traditional, as well as more modern and innovative methods. 
Since we all know the inevitable is on the horizon—indoor activities, that is!—party planner Katie Welsh was interviewed by Annemarie Schuetz on entertaining with cozy cold-season bashes. Some of these affordable ideas may be just the thing to get you through the winter.
Light is another element that can help alleviate the doldrums of even the grayest skies. Many people use full-spectrum lighting to pick up their mood; however, artwork in the form of a beautiful stained glass window might also cheer one up. Our featured artist is Joanie Shlafer of Light Curves Glass. Check out her history, process and work in the article by the same name.
Highlighted on the cover is a small, custom-built home designed by Victoria Lesser. She’s responsible for the look of the Old North Branch Inn, The Antrim Lodge in Roscoe, and other area gems. Just like Lesser, her home is smart and compact. Give it a tour right here in the pages of Our Country Home.
— Ramona Jan
Section editor 


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