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Photos by Patti Zins

Variegated ficus is a small tree perfect for indoors. Note: The hardware cloth over the top of the pot keeps kitties from using it as a natural litter box.

Zindoor Gardens

Master Gardener Patti Zins, who currently hails from the high hills of Buck Brook, describes herself as a “bit of a gypsy,” having lived previously in Illinois, Idaho, Vermont, and parts of north and south Jersey.

Photos contributed by Light Curves Glass

“Ruby’s Sunflower Rising”: a Tiffany technique stained-glass window

Light Curves Glass

Somewhere below the Neversink Reservoir live and work stained-glass artisan Joan Nicole Schlafer and her design partner, Nicholas Clemente. Together they share a spacious six-acre property with multi-faceted art studios. However, before settling here, these two mega-talents looked far and wide for just the right inspiring space.

Illustrations by Amanda Reed

Unhoused Mouse

There is no experience quite like opening the door to your beautiful, well-kept second home in the country—and finding piles of mouse poop, half-eaten food in the cupboard and footprints in the butter that someone forgot to take back to the city.

Photos contributed by Katie Welsh

Forage your décor for a seasonal look

Snow Days, Festive Days

For some of us—and by “some of us” I mean “me”—the prospect of throwing a winter party is more ominous than exciting. At least with summer parties, you can just put the guests outside, feed them summer food, and when things get slow they can watch the squirrels.

File photo

The Real Estate Rolodex

Whether you’re selling your home or looking to buy one, you’ll likely need to enlist a small village in the process of making sure the house and property are suitable. On your own, there are obvious sources with whom you’ll need to be familiar—inspectors and contractors, for example—but what about reliable repairers? Radon testers?

Contributed photo from Mirage Flooring

Pure hardwood floors are exceptionally durable and can be refinished over and over. This is Mirage’s White Oak Character in Bubble Bath, Sweet Memories collection. 

A beautiful world, underfoot

When people want a new look for their home, it’s easy to focus on the fun stuff. Walls. Furniture. The kitchen.

Don’t forget your floors. It’s easy to lose respect for something that gets walked on every day, something that serves as a receptacle for dirt.

Contributed photos

Stanley Krasovic’s loom is well-traveled. “It went half a mile down the road and 130 miles to Jersey” with his mother, then “back to here [Rileyville, PA]” with him.

A new life for old fabric

RILEYVILLE, PA — A rag rug is something more than a bit of cloth on a floor. Memories, clothing, shreds of tablecloth, are interwoven.

TRR photos by Jonathan Charles Fox

Karasik’s three-bedroom, three-bathroom ranch-style home overlooks a lake and is a sprawling 1,987 square feet.

The house that Lee built

It’s been said that moving from one house to another is one of the most stressful things an adult will experience in their lifetime.



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