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Contributed photo from Mirage Flooring

Pure hardwood floors are exceptionally durable and can be refinished over and over. This is Mirage’s White Oak Character in Bubble Bath, Sweet Memories collection. 

A beautiful world, underfoot

When people want a new look for their home, it’s easy to focus on the fun stuff. Walls. Furniture. The kitchen.

Don’t forget your floors. It’s easy to lose respect for something that gets walked on every day, something that serves as a receptacle for dirt.

Contributed photos

Stanley Krasovic’s loom is well-traveled. “It went half a mile down the road and 130 miles to Jersey” with his mother, then “back to here [Rileyville, PA]” with him.

A new life for old fabric

RILEYVILLE, PA — A rag rug is something more than a bit of cloth on a floor. Memories, clothing, shreds of tablecloth, are interwoven.

TRR photos by Jonathan Charles Fox

Karasik’s three-bedroom, three-bathroom ranch-style home overlooks a lake and is a sprawling 1,987 square feet.

The house that Lee built

It’s been said that moving from one house to another is one of the most stressful things an adult will experience in their lifetime.

File photos

Rudbeckia (Black-eyed Susan) 

Fall: a time to make your garden grow

With summer starting to wind down and September on the horizon, the thoughts of many gardeners may turn to winding down their gardens as well. Not so fast. Late summer and early fall are not only times for harvest and garden cleanup; they are times to plant. And no, it’s not just about bulbs.

Mef Gannon

Mef Gannon

In meeting an artist named Mef Gannon, the very first question that comes to mind is: What kind of name is Mef?

TRR photos by Jonathan Charles Fox

Depending on your space constraints, even small semi-portable outbuildings like this 5-by-7 all-weather structure purchased at a local home improvement store are easy to install and provide a great starting point for creating a she shed to call your own.

He said/she shed

What happens when your spouse takes over the house and you feel like there’s no space to call your own?

Xeth Feinberg, Rose Bevens and Mr. Tinkerbell stand in front of a painting by Xeth that depicts his house and some local deer.

Belly Acres

“Our House,” is what Xeth (pronounced Seth) Feinberg and Rose Bevens like to call their house when they’re not jokingly referring to it as “Belly Acres.” Or perhaps it’s the other way around.

20 ways to create curb appeal

Even small changes can produce big results when it comes to decorating the exterior of your home. Adding curb appeal just requires a combination of a little imagination and inspiration. Check out this list of projects that can easily dress up any style house and make it look its best—and in some cases, even enhance its value.



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