Design for living

I have a not-so-secret vice: I love interior design, and I have tear sheets going back decades. I am addicted to home improvement shows. I thrill to see those neglected houses brought back to life and made appropriate for the way we live now.

A purpose with pleasure

January 20th. The Women’s March. Again.

The outrage and celebration continue with marches and rallies all over our country and world.

Here, in our community, we came together from both sides of the river, Pennsylvania and New York, to meet at the Main Street Narrowsburg Deck overlooking our beloved Delaware.

What we do

We are actors in a break room in an office building on the far west side of Manhattan. It could almost be any city bordered by water for all the new office buildings going up around it. I hardly recognize my hometown anymore, especially in neighborhoods that once lay fallow.

TRR photos by Ed Wesely

Milanville bridge is seen from the PA portal, early morning on January 12.

A warm interlude... and after

Following days of zero and single digit temperatures, low pressure brought fog and rain on January 12, flooding streams and disrupting river ice. It also generated fog that shrouded the Milanville Bridge.

Several days later a new cold front restored the snow and sunlight.

Can’t touch this —or that

We all know those people who are always washing their hands and then use a paper towel to open the door. They will wear gloves on the train even in the summer—or the occasional surgical mask. They may be germaphobes, but with this flu season in full swing they may be the smart ones.



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