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Prayer for a Muslim lawmaker

If you type the name Stephanie Borowicz into the YouTube search box, you’ll see images of Pennsylvania State Representative Stephanie Borowicz reciting a prayer at the opening of the government body on March 25. That’s not unusual, prayers are normally used to open a session of the house.

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Mud season and the Angel Tom

The first sure sign of spring in the river valley is mud. Thick brown mud that sucks you in, coating your soles and turning your tire treads slick. There’s also wind. Wind that tugs those hold-out leaves from limbs of oak and defeats autumn preparations for winter by turning heavy tarps into paper airplanes that sail across the yard.

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Call of the wild

I can see my breath in the crisp air, trying to blow smoke circles to no avail. With the collar of my winter coat folded up, protecting me from the wind that is blowing this morning, I’m marching in place to warm my toes. The morning sky is not yet visible as we wait for the 4:45 a.m. train here at the Port Jervis Station.

Photo from Pixabay

Kozmic Blues

Just months ago, this summer’s 50th anniversary of the Woodstock music and art festival held much promise for music fans wanting to celebrate the historical three days of peace and music.



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