Artist Justin Rowles rendition of the Narrowsburg fire.

Fire and rain

In May, the lilacs bloom, trees are in leaf, and the lawn wants its first mowing. Eagles are busy hunting, feeding their hungry hatchlings almost constantly. A parade of brightly colored migrant birds stops at the feeders. Ducklings follow their mothers around the eddy, learning to evade the eagles.

Artist's impression of Rasmussen fire

This artist's impression of the May 18 fire at Rasmussen's furniture store in Narrowsburg, NY was created by Justin Rowles, an artist from Scranton, PA. In the note he sent to us with this rendering, Rowles wrote, "I spend a lot of time in and around Narrowsburg. I was visiting last weekend when the furniture building caught fire.

Fawns of spring

Their noses leave a ghost impression as they press against the window of the train. Others scurry across the aisle to catch a glimpse, if only for a fleeting moment. The “oohs and ahha” bring a grin to this jaded face of mine, but I enjoy the scene before me none the less.

Am I a swing voter?

What can I do about the coming election? Will it be worthwhile for me to vote? During the last nationwide campaign, one before that and the preceding one as well, I felt my vote doesn’t really count. Why? Because I don’t live anywhere our political parties define as a “swing” constituency.



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