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So far…

… so good, as the saying goes. The year has been good to us commuters, trains have heat, snow hasn’t caused any real major delays and the commutes have been relatively uneventful. The rest of the year will be another story. Amtrak is doing a major repair of the tunnels leading into Penn Station.

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Searching for Coral

I receive a decent number of letters to the editor here at The River Reporter—nothing that’s overwhelming my email or weighing down the mail carrier, but several per week. I appreciate whenever someone takes the time to write us, or to engage with the news and offer their feedback.

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Taking care of our own

I’m often heard telling folks that it’s important we “take care of our own”—that we pay county employees a living wage that doesn’t require them to be lining up at our Social Services office just to put food on the family table, or, just as bad, taking their skills elsewhere. I’ve written about that topic in this very space.

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Our biophilic impulse

It’s official: I have now lived in Sullivan County longer than I have lived anywhere else. Celebrating this happy milestone, I remember how forlorn but full of promise our derelict little house looked in 1997.

Letters to the Editor 1/16/19

The money doesn’t add up

Since Mexico is not paying for Trump’s wall and the GOP wants us to pay for it, what exactly can we expect to receive for this $5 billion in American taxpayer money?  The Department of Homeland Security estimates that it will cost $21.6 billion to build a wall where none exists.



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