TRR photos by Elizabeth Lepro

Cindy, left, and Bill Wlenczuk with Chris Terferi celebrate Shrewd Fox Brewery’s win.

The ‘BEST’ aspects of the community

It is always a treat to gather with the winners of the Annual Readers Choice Awards. Last Thursday night was no exception.

It’s an important way to celebrate community and to celebrate passion and vocation.

From tattoo artists to elementary school teachers, the gathering of BEST winners is an experience of people in the present moment being able to articulate what makes them and their businesses thrive.

Many talk about their customers. They say that it’s not about what they do but rather about how they are focused on the needs of others.

They are grateful, thankful for the opportunity to do what they enjoy with a sense of purpose.

And they are aware that their service or profession is an asset to the community.

It makes sense that being the BEST is about fulfilling the needs of others, doing our work with the sense of purpose and vocation and being in connection and community with others.

Additionally they express the importance, the fundamental importance, of celebrating and gathering—recognizing together that they form an essential backbone of our community that needs to be supported and strengthened.

Thanks to BEST winners, the TRR staff, Irene at the Western Supper Club and everyone who provides goods and services to our valley.

Supporting and sustaining local connections and commerce is so importance in our lives.  Today and for all of our tomorrows.

Thanks all.


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