When a legislature works for himself...

Your editorial, “Compressor Could Turn Election,” rightly points out that voters may oust the Sullivan County legislator over the Millennium Pipeline compressor built in the heart of his district. What was not mentioned was Samuelson’s enthusiastic collusion with Millennium to make the project happen, as proved by emails that were obtained through the Freedom of Information Law. Dissatisfaction with our rarely-seen legislator over his unwillingness to defend local laws and protect public health is just one reason he might lose his seat.

The Town of Highland is under considerable fiscal pressure, yet Samuelson lobbied for (and received) tax abatements for the Eldred Preserve, a project in which he has a financial stake. As if that weren’t insulting enough to taxpayers, in his capacity as Chief Operating Officer of the Preserve, Samuelson has shown an arrogant indifference to residents’ objection to the dumping of 17,000 gallons of single-treated wastewater into Halfway Brook.

Under his leadership, we have endured an assault on our air, water and wallets. If Scott Samuelson is voted out, it will be because he forgot that he worked for us and not for himself.

George Billard

Eldred, NY


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