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Letters to the editor September 28

Thoughts on DACA, poverty and a squeeze on the middle class

So we have the Human Rights Commission ask our legislators to support DACA. So what do we do?

Jesus said, “Whoever welcomes a child in my name welcomes me.” (Matthew 18:5)

“Whoever oppresses a poor man insults his maker, but he who is generous to the needy honors him.” (Proverbs 14:31)

David L. Hunter, an associate editor at “Capitol Hill Outsider,” writes,

“In a nutshell, illegal immigrants’ offspring are ‘anchor babies’ compelling DC’s current ‘compassionate’ DACA doublespeak. In the name of their broods, why should illegal immigrants derive special privileges that no incarcerated citizen enjoys: to flout our laws with impunity, and escape consequences all to benefit their blameless loved ones? In other words, a good-sounding excuse justifies almost any malfeasance. By that same skewed logic, should all convicts be liberated from America’s prisons solely to rejoin their marginalized children? The fact remains that both sets of law violators present a potential danger to everyone else. Even a crowd-pleasing rogue like Robin Hood would not abet such a grand injustice.”

God help us.

I am for helping all people, but where does the money come from? I pay ever-increasing taxes and wonder whether I will be able to pay for my son’s college or keep our family’s home when we are old. Will I have enough money for our various insurance policies, heating, medical and dental bills? Will this same government that is so quick to help the “Dreamers” aka “illegal aliens” even be able to help my family at all when we need it?

We have able-bodied young people who are endlessly taken care of as if they are babies via our tax dollars. They are the consequences of a broken welfare system that perpetuates poverty by doing foolish things like building low-income housing in rural areas for people who don’t have cars, resulting in no hope of getting a job even if they desperately want to work.

John “JP” Pasquale

Livingston Manor, NY

Working to share the harvest

The first Share the Harvest fundraiser was a modest party with eight participating restaurants, a table of prizes and a few dozen guests dining under tents to raise $1,000 for the Milford Ecumenical Food Pantry. Thanks to the generosity of the 150 people who came together for a sold-out 10th annual Share the Harvest Dinner on September 18, Milford Presents was able to deliver a van full of pantry supplies including hundreds of essential non-perishable food items, baby foods and formula, toiletry goods and pet foods. With the help of a dedicated group of patrons who donated above and beyond the ticket price and a team of volunteers that always includes my mom, I’m humbled to report our most successful event to date: Milford Presents has exceeded our goal of $2,500 by making a total cash donation of $4,500 to help our neighbors in need. 

On behalf of the 60 member businesses of Milford Presents, it is an honor to serve the area’s less fortunate. As great as Milford is at hosting music festivals and cultural events, we are a business community that cares; Share the Harvest continues as both tradition and testament to that kindness. In the spirit of giving, we encourage the community to keep this cause close to your heart throughout the year. Please consider making a direct donation to the Ecumenical Food Pantry. Donations may be made at any time at the pantry (there’s a collection bin on the front porch) and checks may be mailed to the organization at 321 5th St., Milford, PA 18337.

Amy Eisenberg

Event Coordinator & Executive Director

Milford Presents

Milford, PA

A great job on Willi Hill bridge

Kudos to the Sullivan County Highway Dept. and other participating parties for the new bridge on Willi Hill Road! They did a great job.

Yes, I had to go “the long way around” to go to Jeffersonville, my girlfriend’s house and anywhere else for that matter, but it was certainly worth the wait. The bridge is strong and in keeping with the natural surroundings, and is now a two-lane rather than the old one-lane bridge. People say “Oh, now you will have increased traffic!” which I don’t believe will be any different from before. In any case,

Great job!

 John B. Kearney

Swan Lake, NY


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