Letters to the editor October 12

We are not each other’s enemies

Republicans are not your enemy; Democrats are not your enemy. They are people each with his or her own story and difficulties.

I never remember our country being so divided in so many ways and so strongly on political lines. I suggest you flip back and forth from Fox News to CNN—I look at Christian Broadcasting News also—to get a well rounded view of what is going on. The liberal media is biased and picks and chooses the stories, then manipulates those stories and gives only their side of the story filled with their opinions and editorials.

I feel the brainwashing as the media try to diminish any other views out there that do not align with their views as irrelevant, and they do it consistently all day long from talk shows to late night. Sometimes I think maybe we should all just become Democrats—then we can at least get along as a nation—but I do not believe that party has all the answers, but rather needs to work together with Republicans and those of other parties to build a better United States of America.

God bless all those affected by the violence in Las Vegas and those who suffer from natural disasters in Puerto Rico, Texas and Florida.

John “JP” Pasquale

Livingston Manor, NY


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