Letters to the editor May 3

Let’s blame the gun

Let’s not blame the: a) graphic ultra-violent entertainment spit out by Hollywood movies, TV shows, video “games,” etc.; b) the generally violent culture that permeates our society; c) the lack of a sensible justice system that allows violent criminals (murderers, rapists) to go free after minimal jail sentences; d) the many gaps and lack of cooperation between law enforcement agencies; e) the state of mental health programs (or lack thereof) in this country; f) the violent drug culture that not only entices and encourages our young people to use drugs but also glorifies violence of all kinds (murder, rape, assault etc.). Social media is a major contributor to the dissemination of these ideas.

There are already a number of gun-control laws on the books that should prevent these heinous crimes (mass shootings), but unfortunately they don’t. The problem will continue until we address the issues mentioned above and stop glorifying violence and ignoring the core causes of it.

We need a much better answer than gun control; this is an easy scapegoat and completely ignores the real problems and the fact that there are millions of law-abiding gun owners in the country who use their guns for shooting clay birds, paper targets, steel targets as well as hunting game and eating the game they shoot and also for the protection of their homes and families.

If a car is driven by a drunk driver, terrorist, etc. into a group of pedestrians and kills 30 people, is there a cry for car control? No.

Did Prohibition work? No.

Are the majority of all gun crimes committed by criminals who are not allowed to possess a gun? Yes.

Please, let’s fix the problems, not the instrument. That will not work.

Angelo A. DeVagno

Narrowsburg, NY 

Donation for a penny social

The Lake Huntington Ladies Aid Society wishes to say “thank you” for your generous donation in helping to make our penny social a huge success.

Jenny Dexter, secretary

Lake Huntington Ladies Aid Society

Lake Huntington, NY


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