Letters to the editor May 10

Dave Clegg is the best for the 19th

There are seven candidates running for the Democratic nomination for Congressional District 19. Not one of them is following the Trump playbook of degrading opponents, fanning anger and fear, insulting those who disagree, or specific religious groups, or women. This, however, is a low bar for the person we choose to be our representative in Congress. We deserve much more than that, and we can get it, if we put our support behind Dave Clegg.

As a member of our community for 36 years, Clegg is uniquely qualified to represent us, because he is us. He grew up in a working-class family and put himself through school. He knows that we worry about access to affordable healthcare, and supports Medicare for All, which would, finally, bring healthcare to all Americans.

As an attorney, Dave Clegg has litigated for decades for people who have been hurt by big corporations. As chairperson of the Ulster County Human Rights Commission he is working to stop the school-to-prison pipeline. He stands for women’s rights and is an advocate for the LGBTQ and immigrant communities. His many community connections—Methodist deacon, soup kitchen, Family of Woodstock and 20-year youth basketball coach—have given him deep, loyal roots in the district. He is the candidate who will be able to defeat John Faso

Six other candidates promise that they will work hard defending our rights. Dave Clegg has been doing that for the past 36 years. In these difficult times, knowing we can count on Clegg to be our voice in Washington, and not the voice of big campaign donors, will be a welcome change. His life demonstrates the virtue and integrity that is so lacking in today’s Congress. With your help, we can elect a true representative of the people.

Kathie Aberman

Liberty, NY

The missing piece in solving the gun problem

Where will the next school shooting take place? Roll the dice. So let us imagine that somehow all guns were removed from our society without having a war on our hands and only the police/military had firearms.

Then we could go back to the olden days of having a sweet little old lady teacher’s aide sitting at the front door as the schools’ only security, correct? We would all be safe without any guns around; I mean look at Canada and Australia—perfect safety, right?

Please let us all wake up from the fantasy world that we will be safe here if guns just went away. These crazy young people like the shooters at Parkland and Newtown or the hater who shot up the club in Orlando will still be out there. Will these people then steal a dump truck and drive it through a kindergarten class? Either way, our society desperately needs a God fix. I mean by allowing Jesus to change our hearts and give hope to those who are hateful or hurting. Our nation’s removal of God from the public square is the main reason for the exponential increase in gun violence since the 1960s. Putting the love of God back in its rightful place in the USA is an essential part of any solution.

God bless America, one nation under God, in God we trust.

John “JP” Pasquale

Livingston Manor, NY


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