Letters to the editor June 7

From pink slips to a green light

I was saddened to read about the impending loss of a processing plant source for Sullivan County dairy farmers in Danbury, CT. Rather than be dismayed over this slap in the face to what once helped define this are as “Dairy Country,” I view this as a wonderful opportunity to create here, a joint private/public entity that would prevent this threat from every rearing its ugly head again.

I can envision a new venture teaming the dairy farmers, Bethel Woods, The Center for Discovery and Yasgur Farms in starting a new, state-of-the art processing plant at the Gabriel Farms location on West Shore Road in Bethel. There, all locally produced raw milk could be processed into a variety of dairy products that would include yogurts, cheeses, ice cream and all varieties of milk and dairy products.

The marketing could be similar to Newman’s Own, where a portion of the profits would go to wonderful and local entities. There is a world-wide name recognition that we have here, and that should only increase with the 50th anniversary of the Woodstock festival. This “Renaissance Creamery” would also be a terrific agri-tourism asset. 

Let’s turn those pink slips into green!

David Rosenberg
Monticello, NY

Gareth Rhodes for Congress

The overcrowded primary field of Democratic candidates has left many voters feeling overwhelmed. With seven candidates in the race, it’s hard to keep their names straight, much less their policy positions or personal strengths and weaknesses. Because all of the Democratic candidates fit comfortably within the mainstream of their party, electability is an important concern. In this regard, one candidate stands out above all the others: that’s Gareth Rhodes.

Part of Gareth’s strength lies in his biography. He is deeply rooted in the community that he hopes to serve in Congress. He grew up on a farm in a faith-centered family in Ulster County. He worked drilling water wells, served as a volunteer fireman, and then went on to become the first member of his family to graduate from college. After that, he served as an intern in the Obama White House and as deputy press secretary for the governor of New York.

If the way a candidate runs his campaign is a good indicator of how he will act in office, then Gareth’s campaign is reassuring. He’s not trying to win the primary by relying on an army of paid political operatives or expensive advertising. Every day he’s out in the district, meeting with prospective voters and listening, really listening, to their questions and concerns. This is exactly the kind of outreach that made Maurice Hinchey such an effective congressman. It can do the same for Gareth Rhodes.

Bruce Ferguson
Callicoon Center

Concerning the ECS revote

I wish to dispel some rumors that have been swirling around the Eldred Central School District (ECS) re-vote for the board member election and the budget. I also want to make some comments about my position on the budget.

Pete Carmeci Sr. is still very much in the race and is looking forward to serving once again.  There are three candidates: vote for one.

Neither Carol Bliefernich nor Brian Siegel have resigned from the board.

Everyone must vote again. Whether in person between 11 a.m. and 9 p.m., or by absentee ballot obtained from the District clerk in person, or by mail. Be advised that there are certain time limits depending on how you receive and submit your ballot application and the ballot itself. Be advised also that there are only certain reasons to apply for an absentee ballot.

Supt. Dr. John Morgano has resigned his position. He will leave the district on August 15. He has given no reason. The resignation followed the controversial and unprecedented cancellation of the original vote [the day of the destructive storm on May 15], made in consultation with the board president and others; I have heard that it was roughly two days after. Although the county declared a state of emergency, seven other districts in the county and all other districts in Orange, Sullivan and Ulster managed to complete their voting process.

I personally would have liked to take a second look at the budget after I knew who the new board member would be. Supposedly there are funds built into the budget to allow for a surplus that could then be used to start rebuilding the reserves. Considering the track record of the current board with managing its reserves, and with the architect of the budget plan now not even here to manage it, I believe that money is best kept safe in the pockets of the taxpayers. When and if the district can be saved or restructured I want those funds to be safe. Spending to maintain the status quo does not work for me and I vote “no” on any tax increase.

Paul A Clark Jr
Barryville, NY

Where do you put your faith?

I do not have faith, hope or trust in our government; Republican or Democrat, or the media. I don’t want a bigger government with more rules, regulations and policies so they take care of me like I am a big baby and push God out in a vain attempt to be my god.

What do you, the reader, stand for? Where is your hope and faith? Anxiety is the greatest challenge for many of us to overcome. It can cause us to operate in fight or flight mode, or freeze and fear can make a mountain out of a molehill; but faith can move mountains.

Being with someone you love can calm and encourage us, and yes, Mom and Dad or spouse should do/be that person for us; but they are only human.

God is the only one who will always understand you and be there for you because he is love; read the Psalms and see 1 Corinthians 13—it is known as the love chapter.

So I ask you: has government replaced God in your life?

Can government love you? Can you love government?

I urge all of you to turn off your TVs and open your Bibles, listen to 99.7, 88-89 Christian radio FM, find a Bible-teaching church nearby and check out www.HarvestAmerica.com on June 10.

God bless America, one nation under God, In God we trust.

John “JP” Pasquale
Livingston Manor, NY


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